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March 25, 2013

Social Security and Medicare Died in 1996

Social Security & Medicare Died in 1996

Printed: 25 March 2013

Yupper, and here’s why:

We’ll ignore all of the legal arguments of unconstitutionality, simply because, except for Ben Stein, they’re ignored by everyone except Ben and me. We’ll not bring out all of the points regarding how the money is collected and misspent, and we’ll even ignore that neither program is an insurance program but a tax on payrolls and then a redistribution to the under-taxed, a federally operated Ponzi Scheme.

In 1996 a research hospital in London U.K., grew a new bladder for a patient. It was successfully implanted and the patient is still doing well. On 23 March 2013, The Wall Street Journal had a page one leader reporting that this same hospital was building a heart from scratch. Over the past six months, both TWSJ and The Economist, in its quarterly science review, have reported that in Germany, a drug is being dispensed that halts ALS and Alzheimer’s, and that in Switzerland, a drug trial on mice has reversed Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which means that we’re probably within 5 years of having a cure for MS. With the organ growth technology, diabetes is beaten, as well as joint replacement. Sounds science-fictiony, doesn’t it? No more heart disease, no more organ failures, no more limb loss, no more neural deficits, hmm, almost a complete body exchange, isn’t it?

What it really means is that individuals will shortly be able to live a healthy, long, life with no loss of brain function, ie, no senility! Long as in over 500 years, finances permitting!

Currently Social Security, Medicare, and PPACA (Obamacare), are all transfer of wealth programs. The young are taxed to pay for medical services and pension payments to the elderly, elderly being statutorily defined for Health Care as either 65 y/o or “in need”, which includes financial as well as medical “need”, and as either 62, 65 or 67, depending upon when you were born, a date determined by Congress’s arbitrary and politically expeditious whim, and 72, or more, now being discussed in committee.

Although a reading of Obamacare shows that those under the age of two and over that of 57 will be ineligible for these replacement procedures because as of today, and those included have specific restrictions and caveats as to availability of experimental procedures +/or drugs, while the regulations are being written, these procedures are experimental and therefore expressly excluded from Medicare and PPACA, an immediate concierge medical service will make them available to all who can pay either through private insurance or personal wealth, and thereby they will become common and accepted, thus these procedures will cease to be experimental within 15 years. The rationale for Obamacare, “adequate healthcare for all”, will force the politicians to make these procedures available to all, regardless of their cost and regardless of the recipient’s ability to pay.

What age retirement now? At what age will the politicians, who have excluded themselves from Obamacare, yet require that the taxpayer pay for their healthcare, thereby automatically making them eligible for organ implants and neural security,  put your retirement eligibility for Social Security Insurance, Medicare, +/or Obamacare? 100? 150? 200? And where will you work for those years? Where will you live? What jobs will become available to the young? Those whom you expect to support you and pay for these implants? Suppose technology makes you un-employed at age 172 and yet you are expected to live to 500? This is a very strong possibility with these new medical advances.

The 70 year old Japanese Minister of Finance has already stated publicly that the elderly, of which he is not one, should start dying to make way for the young in Japan.

Do you really think that when less than 1% of the population is under the age of 72, and that they are the only productive segment of society, no matter how productive they are, they will be able to support the other 99+%? Even if the wanted to support the other 99%, do you really think that it’s even possible?

So, what now for all of these welfare programs?

Oh, and just a reminder, even if the politicians themselves do not read the papers, they do have staff who read them and the politicians do get those reports. The politicians are better informed on this than you are, so y’all need to start thinking on why these issues weren’t being addressed when Bill & Hillary were at 1600 and good ole Newt was speaking in the house?



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