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August 18, 2013

Mark Levin is part of the problem

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Mark Levin is part of the problem


I caught the open audience broadcast of Sean Hannity (Friday, 16 Aug 13 FOXNews) and found myself in the unhappy position of talking back to the TV. First things first, back in 2007, a little recognized, strongly vilified book, The Heartland Plan, was published. Succinctly, it says most of what Levin says in The Liberty Amendments, but covers more and offers more, and in my personal opinion, a much better solution than Levin, Hannity, and other non-hackers (a non-hacker is someone who has never served in the military, it is not a pejorative, simply a blue-collar expression denoting that a set of important and unique personal experiences is lacking in an individual). Their source materials are the same, only the conclusions are different.


One of many points missed by Levin & Friends, is that the founders limited the voting franchise to those males who paid taxes, which included free blacks, thus, only about 10% of the population voted. The Heartland Plan predicted Obama-Soetoro and the completion of Roosevelt-Wilson’s post-constitutional America. For those interested, The Just Plain Bill podcast show, archives available at www.blogtalkradio.com/justplainbillshow, used much of the material in The Heartland Plan during its limited lifetime. One of its May 2009 shows is worth listening to several times as it clearly and concisely explains business and business’s place in the economy.


In 2013, a follow-up to The Heartland Plan was published. The Albany Plan Re-Visited, available at www.bn.com/ebooks, it projects the devastating effects of the Obama Administration, and offers a viable solution to many of the current problems. One of them is, again Levin & Friends ignore it, that there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. The Tea Party does not have a philosophical core as evidenced by their lack of a written charter, and absence of a manifesto. The Albany Plan Re-Visited, includes instructions for a viable third party, Whigs, a reincarnation of the moderate party of the 1840’s & 1850’s, which would actually represent those who pay federal taxes, the states being completely separate, legal entities.


The Albany Plan Re-Visited, also explains government on the 10th grade level, not the 4th grade level, so, if you are unaccustomed to reading, you’ll need a dictionary.


People like Levin & Friends, would have us go back to 1787 and ignore the advances that we’ve made in sociology, psychology, and political philosophy. The 1787 constitution was being destroyed as early as 1798 with the Supreme Court rulings on The Alien and Sedition Acts. Marshall, with his line of decisions starting with Marbury vs Madison, continued the destruction until Lincoln absolutely destroyed the 1787 constitution with his illegal invasion of a free and independent nation.


It’s time to move forward, not backward. Buy, read, and promote, The Albany Plan Re-Visited.


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