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December 9, 2013

E.T. and Shoes

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E. T. and Shoes
Posted: 9 Dec 13
     Okay, unlike most posts, this one needs an explanation on how I got here. There aren’t any references, this is primarily conjecture, but I’m posting it because of the end-point that it makes.
     I was minding my own business with a bit of insomnia. Genny was asleep, so I went into the living room, turned on the TV with sound so low that only Pipper and I could hear it, and started surfing through the channel guide of hundreds of channels. When I hit the history channel sequence, all of them, including the Military History Channel, had aliens as the historical subject. They ranged from Hitler’s secret alien treaties, through Meso-American alien subjugation, and how Egyptians had been enslaved by aliens and forced to mine for gold to be exported to wherever.
     Now, in order to understand most of my other posts, I have researched many things, across many cultural and chronological divides. Among the many things not mentioned in them, is an understanding of language, especially written languages. Some examples include that The Torah, the first 5 books of the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible, was originally an oral history. When it was scripted, it included most of the entire Old Testament, which included the different enslavements such as the Babylonian Exile. When it was translated into the Greek, it was slightly altered because of language, grammar, enunciation/ pronounciation symbols, and cultural nuances.
     Translated again into the Latin, then the King Henry VIII, then into the popular King James, and now you can get a Catholic version as well as a contemporary translation. These various nuance alterations, according to my research, have led to such anomalies as the original, ‘thou shall not commit murder,’ has been altered to, ‘thou shall not kill’. Thus, these present as two entirely different commands. Conceptual anomalies caused by cultural and chronological contextual dyspepsia causing misunderstandings are commonplace. Sorry, but it is true of almost all documentation not properly translated, or whose interpretations are being expressed by amateurs.
     Another, and this is key to my final supposition, is that there are three forms of written language: phonetic, syllabic, and glyph.
     A phonetic, written, language is when each uttered sound has a distinct symbol. What you are reading is phonetic. If you open the ‘symbols’ menu, you’ll see phonetics for Roman symbols which include such symbols as, ǟ, ǧ, ǰ, ȍ, the Cyrillic-/Copt alphabet, Ʃ, œ, æ, ɸ, and even Thai, Ԅ, Ԋ, Ԑ, ฿. Phonetic alphabets run from about 18 symbols to 98 symbols and more if you count each and every enunciation mark possible. Syllabic have between 350 symbols and near 900, while glyphs run into the thousands of symbols.
     A syllabic alphabet is one where each symbol represents a complete syllable. Words’ font set doesn’t include one, however, you’ve seen several of these as they are mostly Meso-American, e.g., Incan, Aztec, and Mayan. All of those symbols on the kiosks and obelisks at Machu Pichu are syllablic symbols which are rendered into sentences and extended sentences, which are not run-ons, but a form of quasi-paragraphs, but I’m ignorant and may have that part incorrect.
     A glyph script is Chinese or Egyptian. Each symbol is a complete word. If you need a larger explanation and are unsatisfied with that in a language dictionary, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to clear it up for you.
     Now, I surf through the different shows and note that all of the pro-alien intervention proofs have several same themes including the heavily relied upon one of symbols depicting spacemen.
     Most of these proofs are for syllabic languages. Meso-American syllabic languages are read in spirals. Enunciation marks in some of these languages are made by emphasizing a particular portion of the symbol. Various artists marked their works by being artistic, much as you and I do when we put a smiley face inside the letter O, or otherwise creating unique and personal symbols when we write. Thus, what may be a sentence saying, “In the 5th year of the reign of Motormouth … “ in a syllabic language, may look like a head in a space suit, not a depiction of an alien screaming in pain or enslaving the locals. Except for the possibility that the Bhagavad-Gita may actually deal with aliens instead of Hindu Gods, the interpretations that these are spacemen is false based on both the scripting of syllabic languages and the lack of contextual local history.
     Now, if I were to look to the probability of alien intervention, here’s where I’d look: evolutionary evidence of dissimilarities between Man and other land defined mammals.
    And, what I find, is that man may very well have been altered by E.T.’s!
     Shoes! Look at all other land mammals and you will find calloused pads or hooves at the end of all other land mammals’ feet! Chimps, gorillas, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, birds (avians in general, and, if you think about it, they are land defined as they spend less than 50% of their lives in flight), mice, rabbits, deer, &c.
     None require shoes!
     And, callouses, or the precursors of pads/ hooves, are a common aspect of all mammals. Look at the bottom of your own feet. Look at your hands, elbows, and knees. In fact, during the pre- and early industrial ages, miners had callouses so hard and permanent that they were called carbuncles. Look at the feet of all of those African Olympic runners who train without shoes and see those callouses.
     And so, under what circumstances did man develop shoes, when even today, we’d properly have callouses that should develop into pads or hooves. Hooves, as carbuncles indicate, we could easily develop material that hard, at the bottom of our feet. Consider how hard your nails are!
     Ok, so here’s where I really got lost: the only environmental circumstance that I could think of where shoes are an evolutionary necessity, is in zero gravity, which suggests space travel as a cultural/ commercial/ reality for an extended period of time.
     So, are shoes the missing proof of alien intervention in Man’s development?
     I got this far, and decided that the intellectual level of those programming all of those broadcast and entertainment channels, must be below that of my beagle, Pipper. It’s no wonder that infomercials have so many viewers. They, at the least, assume that their audience has the intellectual capacity to understand that the product being hawked may be of some use to them!


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