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January 28, 2014

Income Inequality

Income Equality
Posted: 29 January 2014
First things first: being fluent in the English Language, income equality, means that we all get paid the same regardless of our productivity. If that is true, and it is, what is the purpose of pushing for income equality?

Next, the reason that people are paid a “minimum wage” is because these people have MINIMUM SKILLS or NO SKILLS AT ALL. Need I say more?

As far as an Executive Order requiring that all businesses that contract with The Federal Government must pay a federal minimum wage dictated in this order, this is meaningless for several reasons.
The first reason that this is irrelevant is that all federal contractors must pay The Prevailing Wage of the area where they are working. This is a fix for unions. The Prevailing Wage is NOT the average wage of the area. It is The Union Wage for that area, whether or not there are any unions there! This means that if there are no unions with which to compare compensation packages, a federal bureaucrat may arbitrarily fix them. Usually a contractor simply puts this fixed wage in the contract bid or states that he is paying the prevailing wage and has an appendix to demonstrate same.
The second reason is that all federal contracts have quotas for minority businesses. Minimum wage is not a factor for this as all minority businesses eligible for federal contracts are registered and monitored by the bureaucracy and is already in compliance with union prevailing wages.
The third reason is the one that everyone, especially the arrogant and ignorant lame-stream media, ignores. It is that Article II of the United States Constitution does NOT give the president the authority to set wages for anyone. It is a function of the congress to set federal wages, of which there are over a dozen different pay scales, and no authority whatsoever for the president to set a pay scale in the private sector.

What does this action tell you? Is this more diversion from the failed and unconstitutional Affordable Care Act? Diversion from the IRS Scandal? Diversion from the Fast & Furious Scandal? Diversion from the NSA Scandal? Diversion from the failed Border Security? Diversion from the failed Taliban War in Afghanistan? Diversion from the Benghazi Scandal? Diversion from Holder’s failure to prosecute the criminal sheriff in Noxubee County MS? And, how many scandals can you add?
Or is this simply another step toward a Marxist Industrial-Feudalism, with Hillary as the heir apparent?


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