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July 3, 2014

The Reality of “Climate Change”

1. For the 2nd time in the last 2 weeks, scientists have measured and recorded the largest amount of Antarctic ice in history. And “yes”, you read correctly, the record has been achieved/broken 2 times in the last 2 weeks!

2. Last year NOAA, one of the “scientific” groups that expounds the “man made climate change” and “CO2” myths, went on record as saying July 2012 was the hottest July on record (if you recall MO was in a drought). This replaced July 1936 as the hottest July on record (July 1936 being smack dab in the middle if the dust bowl). Well over the last 2 weeks NOAA has very “quietly adjusted” the findings and surprise, July 1936 is once again the hottest July on record. Apparently NOAA’s pronouncement in 2013 that July 2012 was the hottest July was based completely on computer modeling and not real data. I gathered from the story that I heard that really the only reason they went back and “re-modeled” the data and “adjusted” the findings is due to a couple of very serious and vigilant watch dog groups. These groups are dedicated to ensuring there is accuracy and transparency w/ respect to the data, findings and stated causation impacts when it comes to the “man made climate change” debate. So they called NOAA out in several articles w/ respect to how they reached their conclusion and NOAA “quietly” “adjusted” the findings.

3. And, again, for those of us who watch “Deadliest Catch”, this is all true as confirmed by the men, and now woman (Mandy Hansen), who fish for crab in The Bering Sea.



  1. The contrivance known as “Climate Change” is nothing but a lie and scam to generate global taxation collected by complicit governments who collect it, take their cut and pay the remainder to the scumbags at the UN. Anything else is an outright LIE. The purpose is to fund global governance by the UN who will become the world authority. Your “Carbon Credits” will allow them to “regeulate” how much CO2 is produced and the level at which you will all be taxed.
    The asshats who claim to be “Green” and “Environmentally Conscious” are either directly complicit or guilty of being dumb bastards.. When the “Global rulers can regulate CO2 what do you think is the worlds biggest producer of CO2 ??

    How about HUMAN BEINGS !
    I wonder how they will “Regulate” people who produce CO2 ?? lets see, one of their other problems they want to find a solution for is “overpopulation on a global scale”
    Do you get it now.. ??

    A bullet for their thoughts and treason.
    Yank III

    Comment by yanklll — July 3, 2014 @ 3:31 pm

  2. Yupper, get it. That’s why I keep updating this essay. Have you followed through to how over 90% of what is manufactured is derived from a petrochemical? Its posted here somewhere.

    Head over to http://www.combatveteransforcongress.com for some interesting posts, and Greenfield and Hansen both are good reads.

    Secession is the only solution that I see. According to Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence”, and the compact with New York State, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Rhode Island & Providence Plantation, guarantee secession as a state’s right. And, there is now controversy over a punctuation mark in the declaration. If one reads the material available at the time, including The Federalist Papers, and the more important but ignored Anti-Federalist Papers, the meaning of both the constitution and the declaration become very much clearer than the drivel that SCOTUS has been foisting on us since 1796.

    You may also want to try: http://www.americanfoundingprinciples.wordpress.com.

    Thanks for stopping by, feel free to copy and forward anything posted here provided that you give appropriate copyright credit.

    Comment by justplainbill — July 3, 2014 @ 5:54 pm

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