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August 14, 2014

Readable Summation of the Q’Ran, by Justplainbill [c]

Appendix C
(of The Albany Plan Re-Visited)

When discussing the current world Islamo-Fascist terrorist Jihad against the infidel, defined as all non-Muslims, you will have something to read and to counter any argument to a person who does not understand the totalitarian despotism of this intolerant and exclusive religion. For over 1,200 years, these people have been attempting to take over the world and its people for their own personal aggrandizement and religious zeal; The Spoils 8 & Repentance 9, on pages 35 and 36 herein are MUST READS, as well as Women 4, on pp 38 and 39, if you don’t believe me.

I originally made these notes while researching various religious societies as an undergraduate. At the time that I made them, I also read The Bible, The Works of Josephus, The Book of Mormon, The Bhagavad-Gita, The I-Ching, Confucius, Plato and a patchwork of essays on pre-Columbian American beliefs including the Plains’ Indians Societies. Because of those circumstances, certain verses are ignored while others are edited to mere shadows of their original prose. With this copy, I’ve edited some things and added or deleted others. I’ve left some of my more immature commentary in place for personal reasons. I reviewed Mohammed 47: and decided to copy it over as well as a few others, in their entireties so that the reader can get the feel of the prose as well as to keep certain concepts in their original context. I picked Mohammed 47 in particular because of its content, which I do not want the reader exposed to out of context which he would be if I had left it in my note form. I have highlighted certain portions in RED. By no means, repeat no means, do my comments herein include all of the vileness inherent in the Q’Ran. For a best view of it, I strongly suggest reading, The Legacy of Jihad; Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, Andrew G. Gostom, M.D., Promotheus Books ISBN 1-59102-307-6 © 2005.
My Notes and Commentary:

Citations from the Q’Ran

The Following Citations were taken from The Koran, originally translated by N. J. Dawood, Penguin Classics © 1956, ISBN 0-14-044.052-6. Herewith are from the 4th Revised Edition, 12th reprint 1973. Professor Dawood put his translation into chronological order as best he could. I strongly recommend the reading of this book, and reading the introduction at least twice before entering the work itself. I have placed my personal comments in brackets [ ]. (And, as Prof. Dawood is British educated, I’ve left his spelling and grammar intact as well.)

p.9 “The Koran (the Arabic name means The Recital) is the earliest and by far the finest work of Classical Arabic prose. For Muslims it is the infallible word of God, a transcript of a tablet preserved in heaven, revealed to the Prophet Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel. Except in the opening verses and some few passages in which the Prophet or the Angel speaks in the first person, the speaker throughout is God.”
[From the introduction by Professor Dawood, emphasis is mine.]

[So, unlike both the Old Testament and the New Testament, there is an intermediary for some of the verses. In the Old Testament, The God of Abraham speaks to his people directly and in the New Testament, we have, purportedly, first hand reports of what happened, although, considering the difference, if any, between the pseudo-Pauline and the Pauline, who can tell? Interesting, as this means that not the whole work is the Word of God. Naturally, this leaves open the option of alternative interpretation for every single one of those passages. A point Mohammed makes several times is that no one from the West comes to speak to the Arab peoples, yet if memory serves, the Apostle Thomas went East and was martyred by the Arabs, hmm.]

The Cataclysm 82: … The righteous shall surely dwell in bliss. But the wicked shall burn in Hell-fire upon the Judgement-day: they shall not escape. …

[Not particularly different from orthodox Christianity on quite a few points.]

Man 76: … For the unbelievers We have prepared fetters and chains, and a blazing Fire. But the righteous shall drink of a cup tempered at the Camphor Fountain, a gushing spring at which the servants of Allah will refresh themselves: they who keep their vows and dread the far-spread terrors of Judgement-day; who, though they hold it dear, give sustenance to the poor man, the orphan, and the captive, saying: ‘We feed you for Allah’s sake only; we seek of you neither recompense nor thanks: for we fear from Him a day of anguish and of woe.’

[Man also describes paradise and ends with:]

The unbelievers love this fleeting life too well, and thus prepare for themselves a heavy day of doom. We created them, and endowed their limbs and joints with strength; but if We please We can replace them by other men.
This is indeed an admonition. Let him that will, take the right path to his Lord. Yet you cannot will, except by the will of Allah. Allah is wise and all-knowing.
He is merciful to whom He will: but for the wrongdoers He has prepared a grievous punishment.

[So, one may pose as a believer, yet be an unbeliever in his heart; hypocrites don’t seem to be limited to infidels. Wonder what the oil Sheiks make of this when they pray.]

Noah 71: … And Noah said: ‘Lord, do not leave a single unbeliever in the land. If you spare them they will mislead Your servants and beget none but sinners and unbelievers. Forgive me, Lord, and forgive my parents and every true believer who seeks refuge in my house. Forgive all the faithful, men and women, and hasten the destruction of the wrong-doers.’

[Not at all like from The Pentateuch Genesis 6:1 to 9:15]

The Fig 95: We moulded man into a most noble image and in the end We shall reduce him to the lowest of the low: except the believers who do good works, for theirs shall be a boundless recompense.

[The Fig suggests that one must be both a believer and do good works in order to attain Paradise. In The Old Testament man was required to be righteous, or, to be right with God. One did this by following the laws which included doing good works, certain dietary restrictions, clothing, &c. The New Testament, according to Paul, means that one must accept and follow the word of God, thereby allowing Christianity to become all inclusive as one did not have to follow all of the laws of The Old Testament. Simon, also known as Peter (from the Greek Petros for rock), and James, also known as The Just, disagreed with Paul and declared that one must follow both the laws and the word, stringently, thereby making Christianity exclusively Jewish. Consider this in light of The Proof 98: below.]

Night 92: … It is for Us to give guidance. Ours is the life of this world, Ours the life to come. I warn you, then, of the blazing fire, in which none shall burn save the hardened sinner, who denies the truth and gives no heed. But the good man who purifies himself by almsgiving shall keep away from it: and so shall he that does good works for the sake of the Most High only, not in recompense for a favour. Such men shall be content.

[Oddly enough, Night does not require that one be a believer to have God “smooth the path of salvation;” just that “For him that gives in charity and guards himself against evil and believes in goodness,”; also, that only the hardened sinner will burn in eternity, since elsewhere the hardened sinner includes among them the unbeliever, defined as one who does not accept the Koran as the final Word, then it becomes obvious that non-believers are open game for the believer even though Night suggests otherwise.]

The Declining Day 103: I swear by the declining day that perdition shall be the lot of man, except for those who have faith and do good works and exhort each other to justice and fortitude.

[A quick point: every verse begins with, “In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.” Obviously, I’ve not included that. Also, it seems that throughout, one must have faith AND do good works &c. in order to attain Paradise.]

The Proof 98:
The unbelievers among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians, the Book being the Bible) and the pagans did not desist from unbelief until the Proof was given them: an apostle from Allah reading sanctified pages from eternal scriptures.
Nor did the People of the Book disagree among themselves until the Proof was given them. Yet they were enjoined to serve Allah and to worship none but Him, to attend to their prayers and to pay the alms-tax. That, surely, is the true faith.
The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn for ever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.
But of all creatures those that embrace the Faith and do good works are the noblest. Allah will reward them with the gardens of Eden, gardens watered by running streams where they shall dwell for ever.
Allah is well pleased with them and they with Him. Thus shall the God-fearing be rewarded.

[This is The Proof in its entirety. Notice the ambiguity as to who will punish the unbeliever, Allah or Muslim. Also, note the recurrence of the necessity to do good works as well as to believe. An interesting point here is that the Proof is referring to itself as the proof that all must believe – a tautological impossibility of validation. Another key point is that the people of the book did not disagree amongst themselves until the Proof was revealed. Considering the hostility between Jews and Christians over the preceding 700 years, that statement seems quite ingenuous.]

The Overwhelming Event 88:
Have you heard of the Event which will overwhelm mankind?
On that day there shall be downcast faces, of men broken and worn out, burnt by a scorching fire, drinking from a seething fountain. Their only food shall be bitter thorns, which will neither sustain them nor satisfy their hunger. …
Therefore give warning. Your duty is only to warn them: you are not their keeper. As for those that turn their backs and disbelieve, Allah will inflict on them the supreme chastisement. To Us they shall return, and We will bring them to account.

[Kind of explicit as to what a believer’s duty is to the unbeliever, isn’t it? Like, the believers’ only duty is TO WARN the unbeliever that Doomsday has been preset and that the infidel had better get his act together.]

The Most High 87: … We shall guide you to the smoothest path. Therefore give warning, if warning will avail them (the unbelievers of Mecca). He that fears Allah will heed it, but the wicked sinner will flout it. He shall be cast into the raging Fire; he shall neither live nor die. Happy shall be the man who purifies himself, who remembers the name of his Lord and prays to Him.
Yet you prefer this life, although the life to come is better and more lasting.
All this is written in earlier scriptures; the scriptures of Abraham and Moses.

Mary 19: [Mary is a long verse which must be read by one in its entirety. It is extremely important and must be contemplated in one’s heart. My personal opinion of it is irrelevant, but to understand that which is Islam, one must read Mary and apply its teachings to the current acts of Islam.]

The Nightly Visitant 86: … They scheme against you: but I, too, have My schemes. Therefore bear with the unbelievers, and let them be awhile.

[This is the last line of verse 86. It clearly states that Allah will deal with the unbelievers and that Islam must, “… bear with the unbelievers, and let them be awhile.”]

Joseph 12: [This history of Joseph and his trials and tribulations in Egypt, needs to be compared with Genesis 37:1 to 50:26.]

The Constellations 85: … Those that persecute believers, men or women, and never repent shall be rewarded with the scourge of Hell, the scourge of the Conflagration. But those that have faith and do good works shall be rewarded with gardens watered by running streams. That is the supreme triumph. …

[Yep, can’t get to Paradise without (i) believing; & (ii) doing good works; interesting considering the extreme lack of charity and abundance of arrogance amongst believers.]

The Rending 84: … Therefore proclaim to all a woeful doom, save those who embrace the true faith and do good works; for theirs is an unfailing recompense.

[Once again, you must be a true believer and do good works to enter paradise, as well as their duty is only to warn the unbeliever.]

The Soul-Snatchers 79: [a very quick Moses & Pharaoh, compare with Exodus 1 through Deuteronomy 34]

… But when the supreme day arrives – the day when man will call to mind his labours – when the Fire is brought in sight of all – those that transgressed and chose this present life will find themselves in Hell; but those that feared to stand before their Lord and curbed their souls’ desires shall dwell in Paradise. …

[Once again, we’re back to transgressions will be punished by Allah, not man. Also, that the last day has already been decided upon, i.e. the last day of Creation has been fixed and, apparently, was at the moment of Creation. Wonder what Dr. Hawkings thinks of that?]

The Tidings 78: … Fixed is the Day of Judgement. On that day the Trumpet shall be sounded and you shall come in multitudes. The gates of heaven shall swing open and the mountains shall pass away and become like vapour.
Hell will lie in ambush, a home for the transgressors. There they shall abide long ages; there they shall taste neither refreshment nor any drink, save boiling water and decaying filth; a fitting recompense.
They disbelieved in Our reckoning and roundly denied Our revelations. But We counted all their doings and wrote them down. We shall say: ‘Taste this: you shall have nothing but mounting torment!’
As for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and high-bosomed maidens for companions: a truly overflowing cup.

That day is sure to come. Let him who will, seek a way back to his Lord. We have forewarned you of an imminent scourge: the day when man will look upon his works and the unbeliever cry: ‘Would that I were dust!’

[So much for eternity, looks like Creation has a specific end date. A repeating theme, noted here, is that in Hell one eats shit and drinks boiling water as well as being burned by the scourging conflagration throughout all eternity. This gets boring after awhile; sort of an intellectual numbness from the constant repetition.]

Those that are sent forth 77: [Woe on that day to the misbelievers. A strong verse that says the misbelievers are going to be a very sorry lot on judgement day. I’m taking it that unbelievers and misbelievers are two distinct groups; misbelievers are Jews and Christians, as they have been given prophets and scriptures which they have refused to accept and have ‘disagreed’ over, whereas unbelievers are pagans, heathens and those others who’ve been exposed to the Word by missionaries but have refused to accept the Word as divine revelation and, hence, the truth, in either event, all non-Muslims are going to Hell, so why differentiate?]

The Resurrection 75: [Allah knows everything and can do everything, when judgement day arrives (when sun and moon are brought together) and man confounded, no amount of pleading will save the unbeliever nor the false believer. Wonder how you define, “false believer?”]

The Ladders 70: [The good shall be blessed, the evil punished. Lust is a transgression except when one goes into his wives or his slave girls. A transgressor is one who does not give to the needy, share his wealth unstintingly, keep his word, bear true witness and attend to his prayers. Is this the same as being a false believer? The day of judgement shall be fifty thousand years long, different verse has the last day timed at one thousand years. This particular verse mentions slaves, thus slavery is legal within Islam – how can anyone consider a peaceful existence with a group that looks upon all non-members as slaves and potential slaves?]

The Mantled One 73: [It’s best to meditate at night for the day is for work.] Bear patiently with what they (the unbelievers) say and leave their company without recrimination. Leave to Me those that deny the truth, those that enjoy the comforts of this life; bear with them yet a little while. We have in store for them heavy fetters and a blazing fire, choking food and a harrowing torment. This shall be their lot on the day when the earth shakes with all its mountains, and the mountains crumble into heaps of shifting sand.

[And, unbelievers and transgressors shall go to hell, but, again, Allah will do the judging and punishing.]

The Inevitable 69: [True believers are going to heaven and everyone else is going to hell. Being a true believer means caring for the poor and orphans as well as praying properly.]

… We shall say: ‘Lay hold of him (the evil ones) and bind him. Burn him in the fire of Hell, then fasten him with a chain seventy cubits long. For he did not believe in Allah, the Most High, nor did he care to feed the poor. Today he shall be friendless here; filth shall be his food, the filth which sinners eat.’

Noah 10: [ends:] … Observe what is revealed to you, and have patience till Allah makes known his judgment. He is the best of judges.

[Long dissertation that starts with the good will go to heaven and wrongdoers will be punished in accordance with their evilness. It then goes on referencing Noah and how Noah was treated and ignored, though it doesn’t track completely with the Old Testament – kind of odd since both are attributed to the same source. Seems to be more confirmation that Allah will do all the judging and that He is the only one who knows the truth and that true believers must be patient and await His judgment. Hmm, how do the terrorists and militants reconcile this with their acts?]

Sovereignty 67: … He created life and death that He might put you to the proof and find out which of you acquitted himself best. … We have adorned the lowest heaven with lamps, missiles for pelting devils. We have prepared a scourge of flames for these, and the scourge of Hell for unbelievers: an evil fate!
When they are flung into its fire they shall hear it roaring and seething as though bursting with rage. And every time a multitude is thrown therein, its keepers will say to them: ‘Did no one come to warn you?’ ‘Yes,’ they will reply, ‘but we rejected him and said: “Allah has revealed nothing: you are in grave error.” ‘ and they will say: ‘If only we listened and understood, we should not now be among the tenants of Hell.’
Thus they shall confess their sin. Far from Allah’s mercy are the heirs of Hell. …
Whether you speak in secret or aloud, He knows your inmost thoughts. Shall He who has created all things not know them all? He is wise and all-knowing. …

[The purpose of Life is to allow free will so that each soul may choose between good and evil as a ‘proof,’ sort of a final exam maybe? Unbelief is a sin; Allah knows all; many profess belief but He knows all; there is a certain amount of free will implied in the constant references to warnings – if there is a warning then acceptance of the warning is implicit, thus, free will. In context, I’m assuming that the missiles are for the devils to pelt the tenants with, any other reading implies that the tenants will be pelting the devils, which is quite unlikely, but, … . Does this actually mean that one can believe in The Creator, but not Mohammed?]

The Story 28: [Moses and Pharaoh; compare with Exodus and Deuteronomy. It is also clear from the reading that Allah is the God of Moses, and therefore, the Christ, although, back at Proof, it is clear that Jews and Christians have deliberately turned from the path of The Bible, hence both the need for the Koran as well as for the warnings against unbelievers.]

The Ant 27: [Moses and Pharaoh; Solomon and David]

… As for those who sin and then do good instead of evil, I am forgiving and merciful to them. … [Story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, how Allah is Solomon and David’s God, and how He brought them to victory.] … This Koran declares to the Israelites most of that concerning which they disagree. It is a guide and a blessing to true believers. Your Lord will rightly judge them.

[More on heaven and Hell-Fire, repentance with penance is apparently acceptable, and once again, Allah will be the judge. Kind of odd that as it is designed to straighten out the Jews that it was given in Arabic; for the four thousands years preceding this, when Allah wanted to talk to the Jews he did it either directly, note the burning bush for Moses and the direct voice from the heavens for Noah, or sent a specific Jewish prophet amongst them. The Jews must’ve really pissed off Mohammed somewhere along the line as he is constantly pointing an evil finger at them without being any more explicit about why than that which is in the Proof.]

Cheating 64: … The unbelievers deny the Resurrection. Say: ‘By the Lord, you shall assuredly be raised to life! Then you shall be told of all that you have done. That is easy enough for Allah.’ …
The day on which He will assemble you, the day on which you shall all be gathered – that shall be a day of cheating (when the blessed will ‘cheat’ the damned of their places in Paradise which would have been theirs had they been true believers ‘Al-Beidhawi’). Those that believe in Allah and do what is right shall be forgiven their sins and admitted to gardens watered by running streams, where they shall dwell for ever. That is the supreme triumph. But those that disbelieve Our revelations and deny them shall be the heirs of Hell and shall abide therein for ever. Evil shall be their fate. …

[Seems to be a conflict between predestination and free will, here, also, that he who forgives and pardons wrongdoers will be exalted and forgiven in his own turn; and, since most Jews that I know believe in some form of resurrection, i.e., that something moves on after death, I find Mohammed’s constant anti-Semitism and anti-Christian tirades to be odd and, so far, without basis in fact or even in Myth, for that matter.]

The Hypocrites 63: … (The hypocrites) use their faith as a disguise and debar others from the path of Allah. Evil is what they do.

[Those who have professed belief and then have recanted are evil and Allah will not forgive them. Is this the basis for the death penalty for those who leave ‘the true faith’? What happened to ‘Allah will judge them’? Wonder what Khomeini & bin Laden think when they read this passage, if they ever actually read the Koran, and not just meaninglessly mouth memorized verses?]

The Cave 18: (Mohammed must give warning) of a dire scourge from Him, proclaim to the faithful who do good works that a rich and everlasting reward awaits them, and admonish those who say that Allah has begotten a son. Surely of this they could have no knowledge, neither they nor their fathers: a monstrous blasphemy is that which they utter. They (Jews and Christians) preach nothing but falsehoods. … [The sleepers await in the cave and are brought forth to pronounce the faith] … Therefore, when you dispute about them, adhere only to that which is revealed (herein) and do not ask any Christian concerning them.

[More of Moses and heaven and hell {when the tenants of hell cry out for water, water hotter than boiling brass will be poured on their faces &c.}. Much of this seems to be saying that Christians and Jews have corrupted the Word of God and are misguiding souls to hell, whereas only this Koran is the true word of God. Also, that Jesus was not the begotten Son of God and all that say so blaspheme and are certain of eternity in hell. Does that include Mother Theresa, who did good works and gave unstintingly to the poor, the afflicted and to orphans? And so, here we have his complaint with Christians, that Christians accept Jesus as begotten of Allah, considering the scripture promising that one will be sent, i.e. the messiah, I can see where a certain ambiguity could arise, especially considering that all that I have to go on are translations and that most translators cannot possibly be culturally contextual with what they write when the basis is ungrammatical and pre-contemporary. How many times did I feel confused by Josephus’ style as translated? Too many!]

Abraham 14: [As in certain other verses, there is reiteration of Old Testament stories and parables, except that Yahweh has been changed to Allah, hence the suggestion to compare with the Bible. More of heaven and hell and how one gets to each place as well. Unbelievers and their heresy will be brought to naught and sent to hell.]

Friday, or the Day of Congregation 62: [Friday is the Sabbath and no work shall be done; and, ] …

Those to whom the burden of the Torah was entrusted and yet refused to bear it are like a donkey laden with books. Wretched is the example of those who deny Allah’s revelations. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.
Say to the Jews: ‘If your claim be true that of all men you alone are Allah’s friends, then you should wish for death!’ But, because of what their hands have done, they will never wish for death. Allah knows the wrongdoers.

[Wrongdoers will be punished, especially those that break the Sabbath (Friday) and Jews are wrong and evildoers simply because they are Jews and the Torah declares them to be the chosen ones!?! Judaism may be exclusionary, consider Sammy Davis, Jr.’s, experience with Israel, but so what? They’re not out raping, murdering and committing terrorism in the name of He Whose Name May Not Be Spoken (I am that I am). I’ve never seen any scholarly dispute over what the Torah proclaims as being the Word of God anywhere, although there are numerous synagogues with differing practices, there still has been only ONE temple and ONE God and ONE book; the issues of Resurrection, Redemption and Judgment are still being debated within the hierarchy as far as I know, still, there are the Jews for Jesus who accept His messiah-hood.]

Battle Array 61: … Allah loves those who fight for His cause in ranks as firm as a mighty edifice. … And of Jesus, who said to the Israelites: ‘I am sent forth to you by Allah to confirm the Torah already revealed and to give news of an apostle that will come after me whose name is Ahmed (Mohammed). … [Heaven and hell and wrongdoers &c.] … When Jesus the son of Mary said to the disciples: ‘Who will come with me to the help of Allah?’ they replied: ‘We are Allah’s helpers.’

[Well, here is Jesus being co-opted as an apostle to foreclaim Mohammed’s coming and that Mohammed’s coming is a fulfillment of scripture. Haven’t yet found anything supporting this in either the Bible or the Apocrypha, and especially nothing in Josephus, although, I’m not the brightest bulb in the lamp. Pretty harsh condemnation of Jews and Christians herein, though, and certainly a complete denial of gnosis and the apocrypha. Completely pulls the rug out from any possibility of ecumenicism. And, is the ‘fight in firm ranks’ the justification for taking punishment into their own hands after so many verses of ‘Allah will judge them’? Considering the fact that Mohammed spent a heckuva lot of time in the saddle killing Jews and burning down towns, is it that in historical context the Muslim is required to bathe himself in the blood of non-believers?]

Iron 57: [Lots of righteous and evil stuff, and an emphasis that to be good one must do charitable works. Rather odd since believers and atheists are statistically the stingiest of people – check the stats on the last few Tsunamis of who pledged what to relief and who actually paid; the same for famine & aids relief as well as plagues, who supports Doctors’ Without Border, The Red Cross & Crescent, &c.? Rhetorical question, actually, Islam and atheists do not support charity to even a moderate extent, although there are one or two who do, they are not representative of mainstream Islam or Socialism. Think of those emails that show the palaces & excessive conspicuous consumption of so many Arabs and then of the squalor of “their beloved people”.]

… We sent forth Noah and Abraham, and bestowed on their offspring prophet-hood and the Scriptures. Some were rightly guided, but many were evil-doers. After them We sent other apostles, and after those Jesus the son of Mary. We gave him the Gospel and put compassion and mercy in the hearts of his followers. As for monasticism, they instituted it themselves (for We had not enjoined it on them), seeking thereby to please Allah; but they did not observe it faithfully. We rewarded only those who were true believers; for many of them were evil-doers.

[Pretty much wipes out any acceptance or tolerance of Judaism or Christianity by a believer. Interesting that there’s a statement declaiming priestly celibacy here, something that I’ve not found real support for in the Bible, ditto anything forbidding ordination of women. This is a long verse whose purpose appears to be to completely remove any validity to Judaism and Christianity as well as to erase any possibility of God-head to Jesus. Wonder what the Gnostics would say to this?]

That Which is Coming 56: [The day of reckoning is coming, the good will go to paradise and be served by houris made virgin and the evil-doers will go to hell and be immensely unhappy for eternity. Apparently The End date was predetermined at Creation.]

The Moon 54: [The End is coming, be warned, We have made the Koran easy to remember, and others before you were warned and heeded it not and suffered and are in hell. I note the specific use of the word remembered and not the use of the word learned.]

The Star 53: … He does not speak out of his own fancy. This is an inspired revelation. He is taught by one who is powerful and mighty. …

[Mohammed is being instructed by the Archangel Gabriel, therefore, how can anyone doubt that this is the true revelation of Allah? Hmm, if it is the true revelation of Allah, why the intermediary or even the need for an intermediary? Remember Moses’ burning bush and Noah’s voice from the heavens? Jesus’ dealing directly with Satan and his conversation directly with Allah in the garden at Gethsemane?]

… (A list of ancient Arab Gods) They are but names which you and your fathers have invented: Allah has vested no authority in them. The unbelievers follow vain conjectures and the whims of their own souls, although the guidance of their Lord has come to them.

[Meaning the Koran is the be all and end all of revelation. More of he who does good deeds goes to heaven and unbelievers go to hell. Those who commit small sins will be shown mercy and a statement that Allah knows all of what will your choices be while you’re in the womb, clearly a statement of predestination, obviously in conflict with the verses intimating free will such as the one following {53:33} where it is declared that each shall be judged by his labours; and a claim of legitimacy by this being more of those scriptures given to Abraham and Moses.]

The Mountain 52: [The Koran is in accord with those scriptures handed down on Mt. Sinai (where God spoke directly to Moses, hmm); the good will {“… recline on couches ranged in rows. To dark eyed houris We shall wed them.
(We shall unite the true believers with those of their descendants who follow them in their faith, and shall not deny them the reward of their good works: each man is the hostage of his own deeds.) … and there shall wait on them young boys of their own as fair as virgin pearls.”} and the evil doers and nonbelievers will burn in hell. Looks like more free will and not predestination; and I haven’t found any rewards for the womenfolk, except that verse that says whole families will be admitted to Paradise on Judgement Day – does that mean a woman must be some man’s property to get into heaven?; so much for the libbers and gay rights activists and pro-choicers.]

The Winds 51: [Good deeds will be rewarded, unbelievers will be punished, and some of Noah, Abraham and Moses; Aad, Thamoud and destruction of unbelievers as recorded in the Old Testament.]

Qaf 50: [Good and evil, paradise and hell, references to Old Testament miracles of destruction to sinners {Thamoud, Aad, Lot, Ar-Raas, and Tobba} and a bit on Judgment:]

Then a voice will cry: ‘Cast into Hell every hardened unbeliever, every opponent of good works, and every doubting transgressor who has set up another god besides Allah. Hurl him into the fierce tormenting flames!’

[This is to be done at the time of judgment and it is clear that this judgment is to be made by Allah. Wonder what Khomeini, bin Laden et al make of this clear statement?]

Mohammed 47: Allah will bring to nothing to the deeds of those who disbelieve and debar others from His path. As for the faithful who do good works and believe in what is revealed to Mohammed – which is the truth from their Lord – He will forgive them their sins and ennoble their state.
This, because the unbelievers follow falsehood, while the faithful follow the truth from their Lord. Thus Allah coins their sayings for mankind.
When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her armour.
Thus shall you do. Had Allah willed, He could Himself have punished them; but He has ordained it thus that He might test you, the one by the other.
As for those who are slain in the cause of Allah, He will not allow their works to perish. He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them.’
Believers, if you help Allah, Allah will help you and make you strong. But the unbelievers shall be consigned to perdition. He will bring their deeds to nothing. Because they have opposed His revelations, He will frustrate their works.
Have they never journeyed through the land and seen what was the end of those who have gone before them? Allah destroyed them utterly. A similar fate awaits the unbelievers, because Allah is the protector of the faithful; because the unbelievers have no protector.
Allah will admit those who embrace the true faith and do good works to gardens watered by running streams. The unbelievers take their fill of pleasure and eat as the beasts: but Hell shall be their home.
How many cities were mightier than your own city, which has cast you (Mohammed) out! We destroyed them all, and there was none to help them.
Can he who follows the guidance of his Lord be compared to him who is led by his appetites and whose foul deeds seem fair to him?
This is the Paradise which the righteous have been promised. There shall flow in it rivers of unpolluted water, and rivers of milk for ever fresh; rivers of delectable wine and rivers of clearest honey. They shall eat therein of every fruit and receive forgiveness from their Lord. Is this like the lot of those who shall abide in Hell for ever and drink scalding water which will tear their bowels?
Some of them indeed listen to you, but no sooner do they leave your presence than they ask those to whom knowledge has been given: ‘What did he say just now?’ Such are the men whose hearts are sealed by Allah and who follow their base desires.
As for those who follow the right path, Allah will increase their guidance and teach them to guard themselves against evil.
Are they waiting for the Hour of Doom to overtake them unawares? Its portents have already come. But how will they be warned when it overtakes them?
Know that there is no god but Allah. Implore Him to forgive your sins and to forgive the true believers, men and women. Allah knows your busy haunts and resting-places.
The faithful say: ‘If only a Chapter were revealed!’ But when a forthright Chapter is revealed and war is mentioned in it, you see the infirm of heart looking towards you as thought they were fainting away for fear of death. Yet obedience and courteous speech would become them more. Indeed, should war be decided upon, it would be better for them to be true to Allah.
If you (the hypocrites) renounced the Faith you would surely do evil the land and violate the ties of blood. Such are those on whom Allah has laid His curse, leaving them bereft of sight and hearing.
Those who return to unbelief after Allah’s guidance has been revealed to them are seduced by Satan and inspired by him. That is because they say to those who abhor the word of Allah: ‘We shall obey you in some matters.’ Allah knows their secret talk.
What will they do when the angels carry away their souls and strike them on their heads and backs?
That is because they follow what has incurred the wrath of Allah and abhor what pleases Him. He will surely bring their works to nothing.
Do the feeble-hearted think that Allah will not reveal their malice? If We pleased, We could point them out to you and you would recognize them promptly by their looks. But you will surely know them from the tenor of their words. Allah has knowledge of all your actions.
We shall put you to the proof until We know the valiant and the resolute among you and test all that is said about you.
The unbelievers who debar others from the path of Allah and disobey the Apostle after they have seen the light shall in no way harm Allah. He will bring their works to nothing.
Believers, obey Allah and His apostle and never let your labours go in vain.
Those that disbelieve and debar others from Allah’s path and in the end die unbelievers shall not be shown forgiveness by Allah. Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand. Allah is on your side and will not grudge you the reward of your labours.
The life of this world is but a sport and a pastime. Allah will reward you if you believe in Him and guard yourselves against evil. He does not ask for all your wealth. If he demanded all and strongly pressed you, you would grow niggardly and this would show your ill-feelings.
You are called upon to give to the cause of Allah. Some of you are ungenerous; yet whoever is ungenerous to the cause is ungenerous to himself. Indeed, Allah does not need you, but you need Him. If you give no heed, He will replace you by others different from you.

[This is Mohammed 47 in its entirety. It is a must read for many reasons, not the least is that it is not Allah who is speaking. By leaving it whole, anyone can get the feel of the prose of The Koran. More of good works are essential to entering Paradise, again, as shown by the paucity of pledges fulfilled by the rich Arabs as well as their excessively ostentatious conspicuous consumption, who’re the true believers? Of special note herein, at the beginning, war is ennobled as Allah has ordained that believers shall be tested on the battlefield; another such point is that the hypocrites shall be known by their looks and by the fact that they will assail their brothers! Note who attacked Jordan, Indonesia, Algeria and Egypt and who goes about killing other believers with car bombs &c., and place that in context to this verse. Back to what can the likes of Khomeini and bin Laden think when they read these verses, if they ever actually do? It appears that the paragraph about those who will die in the cause of Allah will automatically go to paradise is part of the basis for terrorism, however, this verse is not from Allah, and there are quite a few verses specifically attributed to Allah that state that He will be judge and determine one’s fitness for Paradise, based on their labors and charitable works in this life. Mmm, maybe it is attributed to Allah and not Gabriel, gotta go check.]

Al-Ahqaf 46: … ‘I am no prodigy among the apostles; nor do I know what will be done with me or you. I follow only what is revealed to me, and my only duty is to give plain warning.’

[A long passage claiming heritage with the Torah and how so many have been misled. How this has been revealed in Arabic as proof of its validity seems a bit self-serving as well as contra-veritas, reasons given farther in indicate that it’s given because they’ve never had their own apostle nor been warned before – more on that below. More on unbelievers being sent to hell as well as a repeat of the definitive statement that a believer’s only duty is to give plain warning; and, those to be warned, does that mean everybody or only those in Mecca and Damascus? If the Koran is for all, then this warning is for all, only I don’t think that the Ayatollah’s believe that; only that they should be in charge, which doesn’t jive with Imrans 3. And as to not having their own apostles, that’s a historical falsehood of the blatant type.]

Kneeling 45: … We gave the scriptures to the Israelites and bestowed on them wisdom and prophethood. We provided them with good things and exalted them above the nations. We gave them plain commandments: yet it was not till knowledge had been vouchsafed them that they disagreed among themselves from evil motives. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord Himself will judge their differences.
And now We have set you on the right path. Follow it and do not yield to the lust of ignorant men; for they can in no way protect you from the wrath of Allah. The wrong-doers are patrons to each other; but the righteous have Allah Himself for their patron.

[More anti-Semitism and quite a bit of declamation on who’s going to paradise and hell; interesting that here the recital states that Jews hadn’t disagreed amongst themselves until the Proof. There are more sects of Judaism than there are of Christianity as far as I can tell. In Jesus’ time there were Sadducees, Essenes, Pharisees, Philistines, Baptists, &c. Some historians think that Jesus’ life was fully recorded as from the time of his Bar Mitzvah, or when he became an adult, about age 13, he left his family and lived with the Essenes who taught him to read and write as well as scripture. From them he went to John the Baptist for further education and then after meditating, he began his ministry; that the phrase ‘around thirty’ was not a definitive age mark but similar to the contemporary, ‘over twenty-one’, meaning of legal age or of having reached adulthood as opposed to legally of age (13). Other historians are putting forth that it’s a possibility that Jesus went to Tibet and learned Gnostic mysticism from the Hindu gurus. Also, that the fact that he wrote nothing, is meaningless in light of his being an apocalyptic messiah, so that writing anything down was meaningless as His death marked the beginning and the end (the Alpha and Omega – ά and ώ ), more properly the covenant’s final end and a new everlasting covenant’s beginning, in and of itself, thus not requiring explanation or new scripture.]

Houd 11: [Good and evil, those who deny the veracity of the Koran are evil doers, then long on Noah, and Old Testament attachment, ending with a touch of anti-Semitism and that Allah is only temporarily withholding punishment to Jews and others who would lead you astray.]

Thunder 13: … The unbelievers ask: ‘Why has no sign been given him by his Lord?’ But your mission is only to give warning. Every nation has its mentor. …
Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts. …
Truly, none will take heed but the wise: those who keep faith with Allah and do not break their pledge; who join together what He has bidden to be united; who fear their Lord and dread the terrors of Judgement-day; who for the sake of Allah endure with fortitude, attend to their prayers, and give alms in private and in public; and who ward off evil with good. These shall have a blissful end. They shall enter the Gardens of Eden, together with the righteous among their fathers, their wives, and their descendants. From every gate the angels will come to them, saying: ‘Peace be to you for all that you have steadfastly endured. Blessed is the reward of Paradise.’

[Who’s going to Paradise and who’s not and a list of things to say to the unbeliever who questions the believer. Free Will is implicit in the statement, “Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts.” This is a recurrent theme and device for learning of Allah’s will and for self-justification. This verse includes that wives will enter Paradise, thus granting women souls, but apparently, only if they are someone’s wife. Wonder what the libbers think of this, if any have even read the Koran? Also, that there are many Gardens in Paradise, and I have yet to notice why; when did Dante write his trilogy? Nine circles of Hell, nine of purgatory and nine of Heaven, if memory serves me correctly.]

Smoke 44: [There is but one God and His promise of Resurrection, and that’s the Truth and the belief. A bit on Old Testament retribution to those who held the Israelites in bondage and destruction to Tobba and others.]

[In its entirety:]

Ornaments of Gold 43:
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
HA min. By the Glorious Book! We have revealed the Koran in the Arabic tongue that you may grasp its meaning. It is a transcript of Our eternal book, sublime, and full of wisdom.
Should We ignore you because you are a sinful nation? Many a prophet did We send forth to the ancients: but they scoffed at each prophet that arose amongst them. We utterly destroyed them, though they were mightier than these (the Meccans).
Such then, is the example of the ancients. Yet, if you ask them (the Meccans) who created the heavens and the earth, they are bound to answer: ‘The Almighty, the All-knowing, created them.’
It is He who has made the earth a resting-place for you and traced out routes upon it that you may find your way; who sends down water from the sky in due measure and thereby quickens the dead land (even thus you shall be raised to life); who has created all living things in pairs and made for you the ships and beasts on which you ride, so that, as you mount upon their backs, you may recall the goodness of your Lord and say: ‘Glory to Him who has subjected these to us. But for Him we could not be their masters. To our Lord we shall all return.’
Yet they assign to Him offspring from among His servants! Surely man is monstrously ungrateful. Would Allah choose daughters for Himself and sons for you?’ (NOTE: The pagan Arabs believed that the angels, and their own goddesses, were daughters of Allah.)
Yet when the birth of a daughter is announced to one of them (NOTE: The pagan Arabs believed that the angels, and their own goddesses, were daughters of Allah.) his face darkens and he is filled with gloom. Would they ascribe to Allah females who adorn themselves with trinkets and are powerless in disputation?
They regard as females the angels who are Allah’s servants. Did they witness their creation? Their claims shall be noted down. They shall be closely questioned.
They say: ‘Had it been Allah’s will, we should never have worshipped them.’ Surely of this they have no knowledge: they are lying.
Have We given them a scripture before this, so that they should hold fast to it?
They say: ‘This was the faith our fathers practiced. We are merely walking in their footsteps.’
Thus, whenever, before you, We sent an apostle to warn a nation, those who lived in comfort said: ‘This was the faith our fathers practiced; we are merely walking in their footsteps.’
Each apostle said: ‘What if I bring you a religion more enlightened than your fathers’?’ But they replied: ‘We deny the message you have brought.’ So We took vengeance on them. Consider the fate of those who disbelieved Our warning.
Tell of Abraham, who said to his father and to his people: ‘I renounce your gods except Him who created me, for He will rightly guide me.’ He made this an abiding precept among his descendants, so that they might turn to none but Allah.
I allowed these men and their fathers to live in comfort until there came to them the truth and an apostle giving them guidance. But now that the truth has come to them, they say: ‘It is witchcraft. We will not believe in it.’ They also say: ‘Why was this Koran not revealed to some mighty man from the two towns? (Mecca and Medina)
Are they the distributors of your Lord’s blessings? It is We who deal out to them their livelihoods in this world, exalting some in rank above others, so that the one may take the other into his service. Better is your Lord’s mercy than all their hoarded treasures.
But for the fear that all mankind might have become one race of unbelievers, We would have given those who deny the Lord of Mercy dwellings with silver roofs, and gates and stairs of silver; silver couches to recline upon and ornaments of gold: for all these are but the fleeting comforts of this life. It is the life to come that Allah reserves for those who fear Him.
He that does not heed the warning of the Merciful shall have a devil for his companion (devils turn men away from the right path, though they may think themselves rightly guided). And when he comes before Us, he shall say (to his companion): ‘Would that we were as far apart as the east is from the west.’ Truly, Satan is an evil companion.
But because you have done wrong, that others will share your punishment will not avail you on that day.
You cannot make the deaf hear, nor can you guide the blind or those who are in gross error. Whether We take you hence or let you live to see Our threats fulfilled, We shall surely take vengeance on them: for We have absolute power over them.
Therefore hold fast to that which is revealed to you: you are on the right path. It is an admonition to you and to your people. You shall be questioned all.
Ask those of Our apostles whom We sent before you if We ever appointed gods to be worshipped besides Allah.
We sent forth Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his nobles. He said: ‘I am the apostle of the Lord of the Creation.’ But when he showed them Our signs they laughed at them: yet each fresh sign We revealed to them was mightier than the one that came before it. Therefore We let loose Our scourge upon them, so that they might return to the right path.
‘Magician,’ they said, ‘pray to your Lord for us and invoke the promise He has made you. We accept your guidance.’
But when We had relieved their affliction they broke their pledge.
Pharaoh made a proclamation among his people. ‘My people,’ said he, ‘is the kingdom of Egypt not mine, and are these rivers which flow at my feet not mine also? Can you not see? Am I not mightier than this despicable wretch, who can scarcely make his meaning plain? Why have no bracelets of gold been given him, or angels went down with him?’
Thus he incited his people. They obeyed him, for they were degenerate men. And when they provoked Us, We took vengeance on them and drowned them all, as a lesson and an example to those who succeeded them.
When Mary’s son is cited as an instance, your people laugh and say: ‘Is he better than our own gods”’ They cite him to you merely to provoke you. Truly, they are a contentious nation.
Jesus was no more than a mortal whom We favoured and made an example to the Israelites. Had it been Our will We could have replaced you with angels to succeed you on the earth. He is a portent of the Hour of Doom. Have no doubt about its coming and follow Me. This is the right path: let Satan not mislead you, for he is your sworn enemy.
And when Jesus worked his miracles, he said: ‘I have to give you wisdom and to make plain to you some of the things about which you differ. Fear Allah and follow me. Allah is my Lord and your Lord: therefore serve Him. That is the right path.’
Yet the factions disagreed among themselves. But when the Day of Judgement comes, woe to the wrongdoers, for they shall be sternly punished.
Are they waiting for the Hour of Doom to overtake them unawares, without warning? On that day friends shall become enemies, except the God-fearing.
But you, My servants, who have believed in My revelations and surrendered yourselves, shall on that day have nothing to fear or to regret. Enter Paradise, you and your spouses, in all delight. You shall be served with golden dishes and golden cups. Abiding there for ever, you shall find all that your souls desire and all that your eyes rejoice in.
Such is the Paradise you shall inherit by virtue of your good deeds. Your sustenance shall be abundant fruit.
But the evil-doers shall endure for ever the torment of Hell. Their punishment will never be lightened and they shall be speechless with despair We do not wrong them, but they wrong themselves.
‘Malek,’ (one of the keepers of Hell) they will call out, ‘ let your Lord make an end of us!’ But he will answer: ‘Here you shall remain!’
We have made known to you the truth, but most of you abhor the truth.
If they (the Christians) are resolved to ruin you (Mohammed), We are resolved to ruin them. Do they think We cannot hear their secret talk, and private converse? Yes! Our angels, who are at their side, record it all.
Say (to the Christians): ‘If the Lord of Mercy had a son, I would be the first to worship him.’
Exalted be the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, above their falsehoods! Let them blunder, let them play, until they fact the day with which they are threatened.
He is God in heaven and God on earth; He is the Wise One, the All-knowing. Blessed be He to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the! He alone has knowledge of the Hour of Doom. To Him you shall all return.
The gods to whom they pray besides Him have not the power to intercede for them. None can intercede for them save him who knows the truth and testifies to it.
Yet if you ask them who created them, they will promptly reply that it was Allah. How then can they turn away from Him?
The Apostle says: ‘Lord, these men are unbelievers.’
Bear with them and with them peace. They shall before long know their error.

[I’ve edited Ornaments of Gold not at all. My original notes cannot do this passage justice when seen in the light of a treatise for others. The language and prose used here give more flavor and does more justice to the beauty of the Koran while at the same time leaving intact the meaning as best translated by Professor Dawood. I’ve removed all of my color codes from it as well so that the reader may make his own judgments and come to his own conclusions as to the intent of current Muslims towards the rest of us. I have entered Professor Dawood’s footnotes in green at the appropriate junctures for clarity of meaning, only. ‘course, some of the meaning seems pretty obvious to me!]

Counsel 42: [This passage should also be read in its entirety. Within it are points noting (i) that women are given you so that you may multiply; (ii) all creation is Allah’s as well as all before and after; & (iii) resurrection of the dead will occur. Some of what is in here intimates that women are mere broodmares and that Christians and Jews are evil because they are trying to mislead the true believers with lies and misguidance. It also gives the reason for an Arabic Koran as so they may warn the mother city, Mecca, and those who dwell around it, of judgment day. Kind of restrictive, that, why not a Chinese Koran so that the most populace land may be warned, or have several apostles so that all may be warned. In The New Testament the Holy Ghost grants the gift of tongues to Jesus’ disciples so that they may go throughout the lands and spread the Good Word (Gospel means the good word in Greek). Having done that once, why not do it again? And, didn’t several of The Apostles head East to spread the good news? Or is The New Testament to be denied in its entirety by Islam?]

Revelations Well Expounded 41: [Another passage of God is great, benignant, merciful and then more of Old Testament retribution. It’s an Arabic Koran because the apostle is Arab. The Torah was Jewish because it was for the Jews who immediately disagreed about it. When judgment day comes, all will acknowledge Allah, but will deny all of their false idols, whom they had previously worshipped. More of the same.]

The Forgiving One 40: …
There is no god but Him. All shall return to Him. None but the unbelievers dispute the revelations of Allah. Do not be deceived by their prosperous dealings in the land. Long before them the people of Noah denied Our revelations, and so did the factions after them. Every nation strove to kill their apostle, seeking with false arguments to refute the truth; but when I smote them, how stern was My punishment! Thus the word of your Lord shall be fulfilled concerning the unbelievers: they are the heirs of Hell.

But to the unbelievers a voice will cry: ‘Allah’s abhorrence of you is greater than your hatred of yourselves. You were called to the Faith, but you denied it.’

[The End is coming and with it judgment. Believers are believers and will attain Allah’s blessing. Everybody else will be punished. Repeat of Pharaoh and a list of what happened to those who did not believe, who did not listen to their apostles, who altered the meaning of what their apostles gave them at Allah’s command. Some of this reads as, ‘for those who do not study history, they are doomed to repeat it.’ It’s a recurring theme that all those who have denied Allah and His Apostles in the past have come to bad endings. There’s been The Flood, destruction of various cities and peoples, Pharaoh’s disasters on Egypt, &c.]

The Ranks 37: …
You marvel, while they scoff. When they are warned they take no warning. When they are shown a sign they mock at it and say: ‘This is plain magic. What! When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we be raised to life, we and our forefathers?’
Say: ‘Yes. And you shall be held to shame.’
One blast will sound and they shall see the Resurrection. ‘Woe to us!’ they will exclaim. ‘This is the Day of Reckoning. This is the Judgement-day which you denied.’

[Why hate Christianity? Here, as elsewhere, the root of Christianity is the root of Islam: there is one preset judgment day coming and then all will be bodily resurrected and judged. In Christianity, the body will be beatified and there is no reference of that so far. My assumption from this reading is that the Muslim will be given a body reflecting his spirituality as determined by his labors and charity in this life, but I certainly cannot know without an epiphany. Also, those judged for Hell will eat Zaqqum fruit and drink boiling water. Should re-read for meditation.]

Ya Sin 36: …
It is We who will bring back the dead to life. We record the deeds of men and the marks they leave behind: We note all things in a glorious book. …
On that day no soul shall suffer the least injustice. You shall be rewarded according only to your deeds.
On that day the dwellers of Paradise shall think of nothing but their bliss. Together with their wives, they shall recline in shady groves upon soft couches. They shall have fruits and all that they desire.

[More on heaven and hell, but more importantly, there will be a bodily resurrection and all shall be judged on their deeds. Hmm. Also, note how the only way for a women to enter paradise is as someone’s wife!]

The Creator 35: …
The unbelievers shall be sternly punished, but those that accept the true faith and do good works shall be forgiven and richly rewarded. …
Those who recite the Book of Allah and attend to their prayers and give alms in private and in public may hope for imperishable gain. Allah will give them their rewards and enrich them from His won abundance. He is forgiving and bountiful in His rewards.
What We have revealed to you in the Book is the truth confirming previous scriptures. Allah knows and observes His servants.
We have bestowed the Book on those of Our servants whom We have chosen. Some of them sin against their souls, some follow a middle course, and some, by Allah’s leave, vie with each other in charitable works: this is the supreme virtue.
They shall enter the gardens of Eden, where they shall be decked with pearls and bracelets of gold, and arrayed in robes of silk. They shall say: ‘Praise be to Allah who has taken away all our sorrows from us. Our Lord is forgiving and bountiful in His rewards. Through His grace He has admitted us to the Eternal Mansion, where we shall know no toil, no weariness.’
As for the unbelievers, the fire of Hell awaits them. Death shall not deliver them, nor shall its torments be ever lightened for them. Thus shall the thankless be rewarded.

Allah knows the mysteries of heaven and earth. He knows the hidden thoughts of me.

[The end is near, &c. Quite a few of these sections are repeated throughout the Koran and I can’t tell if it’s because Mohammed is addressing different audiences, to whom this would not be redundant, or if he’s trying to beat these points into the same group who can’t seem to get it right. Much of the references to the Old Testament and the New Testament make that point: that over and over again apostles have been sent to man to reveal the truth but man keeps screwing up and some day, a preset day of doom and judgment, every individual will have to answer for his behavior to everyone else and that the only way to Paradise, which appears to be a specific part of heaven or the heavens – wonder if hell is a part of “the heavens”, makes sense, doesn’t it? – is to believe and do good works. There still seems to be a tie between predestination and free will as to which applies, here as well as a stressing of Doom and Resurrection of the Body.]

Sheba 34: … He is the Forgiving One, the Merciful. [The unbelievers say that there is no doomsday nor resurrection, so we’ll retell the tale of David, Solomon and the nation of Sheba and some other stuff not too different from the Old Testament. Then comes:]
Satan had judged them rightly; they followed him all, except for a band of true believers. Yet he had no power over them: Our only aim was to know those who believed in the life to come and those who were in doubt about it. Your Lord takes cognizance of all things.

The unbelievers say: ‘We will never believe in this Koran, nor in the Scriptures which came before it.’

We have sent no apostle to any nation whose message was not denied by those of them that lived in comfort. The unbelievers say: ‘We have been given more wealth and children that the faithful. Surely we shall never be punished.’

Neither your riches nor your children shall bring you a jot nearer to Us. Those that have faith and do what is right shall be doubly rewarded for their deeds: they shall dwell in peace in the pavilions of Paradise. But those that strive to confute our revelations shall be brought for punishment.

[Aside from the recurring evil doers being bound in chains and punished, free will rears its head again as well as a comment that the wealthy and powerful have always denied the apostles that Allah has sent in the past and the Word that they bring. Seems to be quite accurate including the Golden Calf that was raised up when Moses went onto Mt. Sinai. Most of the old prophets in the Old Testament were denied either at the time that they prophesied or shortly thereafter, thus breaking the covenants of the Lord for which they were duly punished, then another covenant another break &c. With the Christian claims of Jesus being the final covenant, does that mean we shift from a communal responsibility to an individual one? From group accountability to individual free will? Then there’s that line that implies that unbelievers are also those that do not believe in the scriptures that came before the Koran, how does THAT fit into current Islamic philosophy? Old Testament retribution was visited upon whole communities, old and young alike. In the Old Testament the sins of the father are passed onto the children for fifty generations; but, the New Testament ends that with the sins of the father shall not be passed on. It’s difficult to accept that new-borns should be cast into hell for the sins of their fathers unless the responsibility was communal, which is what it appears. This would account for the continued covenant, break covenant of the Old Testament and Jesus’ Messiah-hood as being the last covenant because responsibility for one’s behavior shifted from the community to self. The requirement of believing the prior scriptures seems to be irrelevant to current Islamic practice.]

Adoration 32: … It (the Koran) is the truth from your Lord, which He has bestowed upon you so that you may forewarn a nation, whom none has warned before you, and that they may be rightly guided. …
He governs the creation from heaven to earth. And in the end it will ascend to Him in one day, a day whose space is a thousand years by your reckoning. …
Those that have faith and do good works shall be received in the gardens of Paradise, as a reward for that which they have done. But those that do evil shall be cast into the Fire. Whenever they try to get out of Hell they shall be driven back, and a voice will say to them: ‘Taste the torment of Hell-fire, which you have persistently denied.’
But We will inflict on them the lighter punishment of this world before the supreme punishment of the world to come, so that they may return to the right path. And who is more wicked than the man who gives no heed to the revelations of his Lord when he is reminded of them? We will surely take vengeance on the evil-doers.
We gave the Scriptures to Moses (never doubt that you will meet him) and made it a guide for the Israelites. And when they grew steadfast and firmly believed in Our revelations, We appointed leaders from among them who gave guidance at Our bidding. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will resolve for them their differences.
Do they not know how many generations We have destroyed before the? They walk among their ruined dwellings. Surely in this there are veritable signs. Have they no ears to hear with?
Do they not see how We drive the rain to the parched lands and bring forth crops of which they and their cattle eat? Have they no eyes to see with?

[The evil are going to hell and the righteous to Paradise. Apparently, none of Jesus’ disciples ever got this far East, because this verse opens with ‘no apostle has come to warn you’, which seems to be historically off since we know that not only that they did, but they (this nation) have complete access to both the Old Testament and the New Testament simply because Mohammed keeps referring to it throughout. To be righteous means that you must have faith and do good works. Ok, so far, having faith means accepting Allah, the God of Moses, so Yahweh qualifies, as does God as referenced in the New Testament, His word, which so far means revelation, resurrection, free will (maybe), acceptance of His overlordship and doing good works, meaning charity in all of its forms; so, how do Jews and Christians not qualify for Paradise? Allah is the same God of Jews and Christians according to this and the Creator is referenced in the singular in many religions, Hindi for one (the “sub-gods” are manifestations of the One God, if I’ve read the B-G correctly), good works towards the people within ones’ culture is a requirement in most of them, including the pre-Columbian West, so, why the intense hostility towards Jews and Christians?]

Luqman 31: (Luqman, a sage who, we are told, was a grandson of a sister or an aunt of Job.) [@ 31:15 the Faithful are admonished to, “Be kind to them in this world, and turn to Me with devotion.” them being unbelievers. There’s a lot of how to pray and what Allah has done and will do and to avoid idolatry and the evil will be punished but the faithful will achieve Allah’s promise of Paradise.]

The Greeks 30: [The Greeks got beaten by the Persians in 615 C.E. but will soon be granted the victory, Allah willing. Don’t know why this is referenced herein.] …

They care for the outward show of this life, but of the life to come they are heedless. Have they not considered that Allah created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them for a worthy end, to last for an appointed term? Yet most men deny that they will ever meet their Lord. …

[More about believers and unbelievers; but more importantly, a continued emphasis on resurrection and it looks like redemption, as well.]

The Spider 29: Do men think that once they say: ‘We are believers’, they will be left alone and not be tried with affliction?
We put to the proof those who have gone before them. Allah knows those who are truthful and those who are lying.
Or do the evil-doers think that they will escape Our punishment? How ill they judge!
He that hopes to meet his Lord must know that Allah’s appointed hour is sure to come. He alone hears all and knows all.
He that fights for Allah’s cause fights for himself. Allah does not need His creatures’ help. As for those that have faith and do good works, We shall cleanse them of their sins and reward them according to their noblest deeds.

[More Abraham and Noah; the people were sinful and We sent the sign, meaning the flood; “… An apostle’s duty is but to give plain warning.” There will be Resurrection and on that day the sinners will be woe-filled; Old Testament retribution (Lot, &c.). Idolatry and unbelief are like the spider’s web, the frailest of all dwellings and when doomsday gets here, and it surely will, y’all will find out that I’m not a joke, nor are Resurrection and Judgement! This book (the Koran) is the sure sign of Allah’s Word and Revelation. Conflicting statement in the line, He that fights for Allah’s cause fights for himself. Allah does not need his creatures’ help. Dontcha think? Justification for violence & conversion by the sword, or are we back to Allah will do all the judging and punishing your job is to warn everyone that judgement is coming and nothing else.]

The Poets 26: [Moses and Pharaoh and the scourge of Egypt; that these were surely signs of Allah’s power and Moses sanctity; Poets are liars and are followed only by erring men.]

Al-Furqan (“The distinction between right and wrong; also one of the names of the Koran.” The word has puzzled Muslim commentators, but, clearly, it is identical with the Aramaic porqan (salvation), in the Jewish Qaddish.) [Apparently a bunch of people claimed that Mohammed is a false prophet because Allah hasn’t given him a garden for sustenance and an angel for support, to which this response says, “no need, I (Allah) have sent him and that is surely enough.” Evil doers will wish that they had walked in the Apostle’s path – maybe this is why the Sayings of Mohammed and the Life of Mohammed are necessary parts of Islam; one must follow in the Apostle’s path to attain Paradise, so, since Mohammed broke promises and treaties &c., this is how the True Believer must behave? Revelation of the Word shall be gradually; more Moses, Aaron, Noah, Thamoud and Aad, unbelievers, &c. and ends with:]

The true servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth and say: ‘Peace!’ to the ignorant who accost them; who pass the night standing and on their knees in adoration of their Lord; who say: ‘Lord, ward off from us the punishment of Hell, for its punishment is everlasting: an evil dwelling and an evil resting-place’; who are neither extravagant nor niggardly but keep the golden mean; who invoke no other god besides Allah and do not kill except for a just cause (manslaughter is forbidden by Him); who do not commit adultery (he that does this shall meet with evil: his punishment shall be doubled on the Day of Resurrection and in disgrace he shall abide for ever – unless he repent and believe and do good works, for then Allah will change his sins to good actions: Allah is forgiving and merciful: he that repents and does good works truly returns to Allah); who do not bear false witness and do not lose their dignity when listening to profane abuse; who do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the revelations of their Lord when they are reminded of them; who say: ‘Lord give us joy in our wives and children and make us examples to those who fear you.’ These shall be rewarded with Paradise for their fortitude. There they shall bind a welcome and a greeting, and there they shall abide for ever: a blessed dwelling and a blessed resting-place.
Say to the unbelievers: ‘Little cares my Lord if you do not invoke Him. Now that you have denied His revelations His punishment is bound to overtake you.’

[Quite similar to the Ten Commandments, which, given the claims that the earlier scripture is Holy Scripture and from the same source, I think that many of these verses subsume earlier admonitions and laws, or, rather, incorporate by reference those earlier statements, which means that Islam included all or at least those strictures referenced, into itself. So why the Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christian rants? Interesting that adulterers shall get double punishment, wonder if this has anything to do with the scandal surrounding his wife, Aisha; and how do all those Muslims who came to the U.S. to attend college get around the admonition to not enter into idolaters and unbelievers, collectively, “the unclean”, then claim marital rights of them and divorce them while stealing their kids when they flee to Arabia? Can’t get a divorce if you didn’t get married, can you? Or has Islam some special deal not available to others?]

Light 24: We have revealed this Chapter and sanctioned it, proclaiming in it clear revelations, so that you may take heed.
The adulterer and adulteress shall each be given a hundred lashes. Let no pity for them cause you to disobey Allah, if you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day; and let their punishment be witnessed by a number of believers.
The adulterer may marry only an adulteress or an idolatress; and the adulteress may marry only an adulterer or an idolater. True believers are forbidden such marriages.
Those that defame honourable women and cannot produce four witnesses shall be given eighty lashes. No testimony of theirs shall be admissible, for they are great transgressors – except those among them that afterwards repent and mend their ways Allah is forgiving and merciful.
If a man accuses his wife but has no witnesses except himself, he shall swear four times by Allah that his charge is true, calling down upon himself the curse of Allah if he is lying. But if his wife swears four times by Allah that his charge is false and calls down His curse upon herself if it be true, she shall receive no punishment.
But for Allah’s grace and mercy, His wisdom and forgiveness, this would never have been revealed to you.
Those who invented that slander (The reference is to the scandal involving Mohammed’s wife Aisha with Safwan ibn-el-Moattel.) were a number of your own people. Do not regard it as a misfortune, for it has proved an advantage. Each one of them shall be punished according to his crime. As for him who had the greater in it, his punishment shall be terrible indeed.
When you heard it, why did the faithful, men and women, not think well of their own people, and say: ‘This is an evident falsehood’? Why did they not produce four witnesses? If they could not produce any witnesses, then they were surely lying in the sight of Allah.’

Those who defame honourable but careless believing women shall be cursed in this world and in the next. Theirs shall be a woeful punishment on the day when their own tongues, hand, and fee will testify to what they did. On that day Allah will justly requite them. They shall know that Allah is the Glorious Truth.
Unclean women are for unclean men, and unclean men for unclean women. But good women are for good men, and good men for good women. These shall be cleared of calumny; they shall be shown forgiveness, and a generous provision shall be made for them.

[Quite a bit more about right and wrong, punishment, repentance &c until the end of 24. Given the number of Arab men who attended college in the U.S. and “married” so many Christian American women, and siring children, it makes one wonder who all those idolatresses are that the Koran keeps referring to. Normally, in context, the idolaters include Christians, but if they are unclean or an idolatress, then they are unfit for marriage to a true believer, yes? And farther in, Light says that if you cannot afford to marry, then you shouldn’t, also some about women should turn their eyes from temptation and avoid wearing trinkets in the open &c.
The reference to Aisha seems to be that she was accused of adultery but that there was never any proof, but a heckuvalota talk. Certain verses, such as this one, appear at precisely the moment in Mohammed’s life when some occurrence and its implication, usually negative, needs either to be deflected or “explained in the light of the will of Allah;” coincidental or truly the will of Allah as written in the “big book” that’s kept in Heaven?]

The Believers 23: Blessed are the believers, who are humble in their prayers; who avoid profane talk, and give alms to the destitute; who restrain their carnal desires (except with their wives and slave-girls, for these are lawful to them) and do not trangress (sic) through lusting after other women; who are true to their trusts and promises and never neglect their prayers. These are the heirs of Paradise; they shall abide in it for ever.

You shall surely die hereafter, and be restored to life on the Day of Resurrection. We have created seven heavens above you; of Our creation We are never heedless.

[Noah, the elders didn’t believe him, so we ‘swept them away like withered leaves.’ More generations of man, Moses and Aaron, we smited Egypt, and gave man the Torah, then Mary’s son ‘as a sign to mankind and gave them a shelter on a peaceful hill-side watered by a fresh spring.’ – Aside from the polygamy and holy acceptance of slavery, this is little different from the Christian promise of Life after Death and an attachment to both the Old Testament and the New Testament as foundations for the Koran.]

Apostles! Eat of that which is wholesome and do good works: I have knowledge of all your actions. Your religion is but one religion, and I am your only Lord: therefore fear Me.
Yet men have divided themselves into different sects, each rejoicing in its own doctrines. Leave them in their error till death overtakes them.

Those who walk in fear of their Lord; who believe in the revelations of their Lord; who worship none besides their Lord; who give alms with their hearts filled with awe, knowing that they will return to their Lord; these vie with each other for salvation and are the first to attain it.

Was anything revealed to them that had not been revealed to their forefathers?

[Ok, sectarianism is bad, everybody knows that, and the prior revelations are all in the Old Testament and the New Testament, but everyone except Mohammed has misinterpreted them except the parts about redemption and bodily resurrection; but then comes the ‘live and let live’ part. “Leave them in their error till death overtakes them.” So far, this is about half way through, I haven’t found but one part allowing for any form of Islamo-Fascism-Jihad. Just that section where the faithful will be tested on the battlefield, which could just as easily be taken metaphorically as literally, i.e. life is the field of conflict and the test is to leave the unbelievers to Allah; to do good works; to pray properly; and the two golden rules: Love thy neighbor as you love thyself {and thy God} & Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! The Believers does two major things that I can see: 1. There is but one God who has sent you many revelations that you have misinterpreted, so this time you’d better get it right; & 2. In order to get it right, you’ve basically got to follow the two golden rules. It says a lot of other things as well, but those two seem to be the hardest hit throughout the Koran so far.]

Ta Ha 20: [Moses, Aaron and Egypt; Adam and Satan; pretty much a recital of the Old Testament stories with little variation from Genesis & Deuteronomy but shrunk down to about 2,400 words with the admonition that unbelievers are really, really going to suffer and that the Q’Ran is the true revelation.]

The Night Journey 17: [Covenants made; covenants broken, ye are Noah’s descendants, &c. as a recital of Hebraic history is being made to show the Allah rewards good works but punishes sinners, but first He warns everyone that they’re sinning so that they have a chance to repent. 17:6 “We said: ‘If you do good, it shall be to your own advantage; but if you do evil, you shall sin against your own souls.’” Certain commandments are laid out, similar to The Ten Commandments given to Moses:]

Serve no other gods besides Allah, lest you incur disgrace and ruin. Your Lord has enjoined you to worship none but Him, and to show kindness to your parents. If either or both of them attain old age in your dwelling, show them no sign of impatience, nor rebuke them; but speak to them kind words. Treat them with humility and tenderness and say: ‘Lord, be merciful to them. They nursed me when I was an infant.’ …
Give to the near of kin their due, and also to the destitute and to the wayfarers. Do not squander your substance wastefully, for the wasteful are Satan’s brothers; and Satan is ever ungrateful to his Lord. But if, while waiting for your Lord’s bounty, you lack the means to assist them, then at least speak to them kindly.
Be neither miserly nor prodigal, for then you should either be reproached or be reduced to penury. …
You shall not kill your children for fear of want (Allusion to the pre-Islamic custom of burying alive unwanted newborn girls). We will provide for them and for you. To kill them is a great sin.
You shall not commit adultery, for it is foul and indecent.
You shall not kill any man whom Allah has forbidden you to kill, except for a just cause. If a man is slain unjustly, his heir is entitled to satisfaction. But let him not carry his vengeance too far, for his victim will in turn be assisted and avenged.
Do not interfere with the property of orphans except with the best of motives, until they reach maturity. Keep your promises; you are accountable for all that you promise.
Give full measure, when you measure, and weigh with even scales. That is fair, and better in the end.
Do not follow what you do not know. Man’s eyes, ears, and heart – each of his senses shall be closely questioned.
Do not walk proudly on the earth. You cannot cleave the earth, nor can you rival the mountains in stature.
All this is evil; odious in the sight of your Lord.

These injunctions are but a part of the wisdom with which your Lord has inspired you (Mohammed). Serve no other god besides Allah, lest you should be cast into Hell, despised and helpless.

We have made plain Our revelations in this Koran so that the unbelievers may take warning. Yet it has only added to their unbelief. Say: ‘If, as you affirm, there were other gods besides Allah, they would surely seek to dethrone Him.’

[More on how to behave, then a section on unbelievers and ‘saint’ worshippers going to hell, Resurrection and Judgement, Unbelievers will try and try and try to sway you from the path of righteousness, &c. The Koran IS the Word of God, Moses & Pharaoh]

We have revealed the Koran with the truth, and with the truth it has come down. We have sent you forth only to proclaim good news and to give warning.
We have divided the Koran into sections so that you may recite it to the people with deliberation. We have imparted it by gradual revelation.

[Back to: it’s not up to you to chastise the unbeliever. Still, more on how to behave makes me wonder how all those Oil Sheiks can be as they are? Ostentatious living, formicating in Monaco, gambling/ wasteful behavior, not keeping their pledges to disaster relief, and to see the Arab world, it’s obvious that the rich don’t give much to charity – why is it that the United States has the honor to be the most charitable people, yet we’re the most hated? So far, it’s obvious that no one in al-Qaeda can possibly have read this stuff, or if they have, believe it. Blowing up babies in car bombs just to kill other Muslims and the ‘hated Satan’s troops’? Gotta be some answer to this further in. Maybe, this is page 243 of 443.{The answer to this is around pp 35 & 38 in verses 8 and 9.}]

Al-Hijr 15: … We created man from dry clay, from black moulded loam, and before him Satan from smokeless fire. Your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am creating man from dry clay, from black moulded loam. When I have fashioned him and breathed of My spirit into him, kneel down and prostrate yourselves before him.’
All the angels prostrated themselves, except Satan. He refused to prostrate himself.
‘Satan,’ said Allah, ‘why do you not prostrate yourself?’
He replied: ‘I will not bow to a mortal created of dry clay, of black moulded loam.’
‘Begone,’ said Allah, ‘you are accursed. My curse shall be on you till Judgement-day.’
‘Lord,’ said Satan, ‘reprieve me till the Day of Resurrection.’
He answered: ‘You are reprieved till the Appointed Day.’
‘Lord,’ said Satan, ‘since you have led me astray, I will seduce mankind on earth: I will seduce them all, except those that faithfully serve you.’
He replied: ‘This is the right course for Me. You shall have no power over My servants, except the sinners who follow you. They are all destined for Hell. It has seven gates, and through these they shall come in separate bands. But the righteous shall dwell amongst gardens and fountains; in peace and safety they shall enter them. We shall remove all hatred from their hearts, and they shall recline on couches face to face, a band of brothers. Toil shall not weary them, nor shall they ever leave their Paradise.’

[More Old Testament retribution, Lot & Thamoud. Interesting take on how Satan became the hated one. From this I take it that Western Civ is the great corrupter and, therefore, the Great Satan. Hard to get an entire civilization is a corrupter when it’s obvious that Satan is an individual who works on individuals. Curious now as to how the different Islamic sects, Wahabbi, Shi’a & Sunni came about. Will have to get ‘the Prophet’s Life’ and ‘the Sayings of Mohammed.’]

The Heights 7: This book is revealed to you: let your heart not be troubled about it. It is revealed to you that you may thereby warn the unbelievers and admonish the faithful.

[The story of Adam & Eve, then the as they are begging forgiveness, Revelation:]

He said, ‘Go hence, and may your descendants be enemies to each other. The earth will for a while provide your sustenance and dwelling-place. There you shall live and there shall you die, and thence you shall be raised to life.’

[Warnings about sinning and be taken in by Satan.]

Children of Adam, dress well when you attend your mosques. Eat and drink, but avoid excess. He does not love the intemperate.

[More Old Testament retribution, pride is sin, humility is favored, “Pray to your Lord with humility and in secret. He does not love the transgressors.” More Noah, a litany of apostles sent and ignored and the earthquakes and other tribulations heaped upon the unbelievers and ridiculers of them. Moses and the inscribing of the Ten Commandments; the dividing of the People into twelve tribes. Admonishment and separation of the faithful from the unbelievers, however, the Revelation of Resurrection is reinforced but of more interest, in 7:172 he releases the burden of inherited sin! “Your Lord brought forth descendants from the loins of Adam’s children, and made them testify against themselves. He said: ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They replied: ‘We bear witness that you are.’ This He did, lest you (mankind) should say on the Day of Resurrection: ‘We had no knowledge of that,’ or: ‘Our forefathers were, indeed, idolaters; but will You destroy us, their descendants, on account of what the followers of falsehood did?’ In the next paragraph, His response is that with these revelations, they may return to the right path.]

The Elephant 105: Quraysh 106: Fibre 111: [a trio of one and two liners that appear to be warnings to certain opponents, from Christians attacking Mecca in the year of his birth to the opposition presented by his uncle.]

Unity 112: Say: ‘Allah is One, the Eternal God. He begot none, nor was He begotten. None is equal to Him.’

[This is Unity 112 in its entirety, and surely, Hebraic/Christian/Hind Godhead as Creator, so why the anti-Semitism and anti-Christian ranting throughout?]

The Jinn 72: [The Jinn entered Heaven and eavesdropped, apparently with Allah’s knowledge and possibly at His will, and overheard the Revelations, at which point most swore to be His servants and some transgressed. One of the Revelations is that Allah, “has taken no wife, nor has He begotten any children. The Blaspheming One among us has uttered a wanton falsehood against Allah, although we had supposed no man or jinnee could tell of Him what is untrue”’ a Jinn is speaking and being quoted here, the quote saying Jesus was not begotten of Allah. So much for ecumenicism, throughout the rigidity of position coupled with how Christians and Jews are treated and can expect to be treated with a Muslim victory of any kind. Research on dhimmitude is included in The Heartland Plan as part of appendix A. It ain’t pretty!]

She Who is Tested 60: Believers, do not make friends with those who are enemies of Mine and yours. Would you show them kindness when they have denied the truth that has been revealed to you and driven the Apostle and yourselves out of your city because you believe in Allah, your Lord? …
If they gain ascendancy over you, they will plainly show themselves your enemies, and use their hands and tongues to harm you. They long to see you unbelievers.

[A touch of Abraham, and some of how to behave, 60:8 “Allah does not forbid you to be kind and equitable to those who have neither made war on your religion nor driven you from your homes. Allah loves the equitable. But He forbids you to make friends with those who have fought against you on account of your religion and driven you from your homes or abetted others so to do. Those that make friends with them are wrongdoers. Believers, when believing women seek refuge with you, test them. Allah best knows their faith. If you find them true believers do not return them to the infidels; they are not lawful to the infidels, nor are the infidels lawful to them. But hand back to the unbelievers the dowries they gave them. Nor is it an offence for you to marry such women, provided you give them their dowries. Do not hold on to your marriages with unbelieving women: demand the dowries you have given them and let the infidels do the same. Such is the law which Allah lays down among you. Allah is wise and all-knowing.” Somewhere in here, Mohammed made a treaty with a tribe that included a clause saying that runaways would be returned. Mohammed agreed freely to this, but when a ‘believing woman’ ran away to him, he refused to return her, thereby breaking his word. Also, how does this reconcile with the number of Muslims who in the 60’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s, while at college, married non-Muslim women only to desert them and take their children to Arabia? Who’s the transgressor here? Where’s the honor? Or is it that one does not have to have honor with the infidels? And what about, “He forbids you to make friends with t(hem)…”? Isn’t it kind of hard to have a peace with someone whose God has told him that it is forbidden to do so? Where’s our wonderful free press?]

Exile 59: … It was He that drove the unbelievers among the People of the Book out of their dwellings into the first exile (an allusion to Mohammed’s expedition against the Jews of Nadjir in Arabia). …
Had Allah not decreed exile for them He would have surely punished them in this world. But in the world to come they shall be punished in Hell-fire, because they have set themselves against Allah and His apostle; and he that sets himself against Allah should know that Allah is stern in retribution.

[A bit of tough going here, Mohammed led an expedition against the Jews of Nadhir and the Jews of Kanoika, reducing both to rubble, he then distributed the spoils amongst his people including a share to the orphans &c. There’s a jump here from the Lord shall chastise to forays against unbelievers forcing conversion by the sword or death/exile and the taking of spoils. He is also warning about false conversions to save ones worldly goods, apparently.]

She Who Pleaded 58: [If a man divorce his wife in the old pagan way (“Be to me as my mother’s back”) and then retracts, he must do penance before entering her again; then we jump to punishment of conspiring, Allah sees all and knows all, then a bit about those transgressors who do not follow the Apostle of Allah, and: “Do you see those that have befriended a people (the Jews) with whom Allah is angry? They belong neither to you nor to them. They knowingly swear to falsehoods. Allah has prepared for them a grievous scourge. Evil indeed is that which they have done. ¶ They use their faith as a disguise and debar others from the path of Allah. A shameful scourge awaits them.” The she referred to in the title is a woman who protested about being divorced in the pagan way, but why the turn to anti-Semitism here? Mohammed’s bluntly saying that Jews know that the Torah and their beliefs are false? Where’d that come from?]

The Chambers 49: [Don’t raise your voice over that of the Prophet, Allah loves those who do justice:]

If two parties of believers take up arms the one against the other, make peace between them. If either of them commits aggression against the other, fight against the aggressors till they submit to Allah’s Judgement. When they submit make peace between them in equity and justice; Allah loves those who act in justice.
The believers are a band of brothers. Make peace among your brothers and fear Allah, so that you may be shown mercy.

[Don’t spy on each other, don’t gossip, don’t defame each other, don’t use nicknames, avoid immoderate suspicion; and a point about “If you obey Allah and His apostle, He will not deny you the reward of your labours. Allah is forgiving and merciful.” ¶ The true believers are those that have faith in Allah and His apostle and never doubt; and who fight for His cause with their wealth and persons. Such are those whose faith is true.” Well, there’s the hit for war, “fight for His cause with their wealth and persons.” If Dawood’s got this all in chronological order as he claims, there’s got to be an underlying historical reason for this turn to violence or that it’s simply not apparent in the preceding verses OR, that it is so endemic and systemic that the violence is a given, much like the indiscriminate killing of female children, that placed in historical context, the audience doesn’t feel the disengagement that I do. Also, how does this square with all the Muslims in China and India selecting the sex of their children and aborting female fetuses? Where is Islam on the issue of abortion?]

Victory 48: (The taking of Mecca in 630 A.D. or of Khaybar in 629 A.D.) [Apparently war is going on all around and Mohammed is at its center. Some desert Arabs didn’t join in, all the legions of Heaven and Earth are Allah’s, swearing fealty to Mohammed is the same as fealty to the Lord, evil-doers, including those who have foresworn themselves, will be punished, and the good cherished. Mohammed is Allah’s apostle and all who follow him will be rewarded and those who don’t will be punished. A bit self-serving, methinks, as well as showing how violent, war prone and bigoted, the Prophet is.]

The Hordes 39: [Believers and unbelievers, Allah has not begotten a son, the Koran is the true book of revelation, sent specifically to the Arabs, and at the time of judgement, “In hordes the unbelievers shall be led to Hell.” Oh, well, so much for all of us non-believers.]

Sad 38: [A bit that Christianity is not monotheism, “Pay no heed and stand firm in the worship of your gods: it is a binding duty. We have not heard of this (monotheism) in the Christian Faith (the last faith). It is nothing but a false invention (monotheism). Was the word of Allah revealed to him (Mohammed) alone of all our countrymen?” So much for Christianity, too bad that Mohammed didn’t know anything about Jesus, or that both Judaism and Christianity are monotheisms, in fact, both pray to the same God, Allah, as Islam claims to. More Old Testament of Noah, Aad, Pharaoh, Thamoud, David, Solomon, Satan &c. Oh, wait, he DID know, he just chose to ignore it.]

The Confederate Tribes 33: [Now a lot becomes clear; historically, Mohammed spent a lot of time waging war and destroying infidels, meaning women and children, too. This is a bit about sharing the booty, condemning those tribes who haven’t yet been converted and a covert claim to godhead. The giveaway here is, 33:33 “Attend to your prayers, give alms to the poor, and obey Allah and His apostle.” And 33:36 “It is not for true believers – men or women – to take their choice in their affairs if Allah and His apostle decree otherwise. He that disobeys Allah and His apostle strays indeed.” There’s a lot more about being humble, accepting Mohammed’s decision on booty, how women should behave, &c. At this time Mohammed had nine wives and several slaves. He was busy laying plans for military conquest of the area and trying to increase his military might by bringing more tribes into his fold, and therefore, his army. 33:57 “Those who speak ill of Allah and His apostle shall be cursed by Allah in this life and in the life to come. He has prepared for them a shameful punishment.” Guess I’m for the high jump then. 33:73 “Allah will surely punish the hypocrites and the idolaters, both men and women; but to believing men and to believing women He shall show mercy. Allah is forgiving and merciful.” So much for Jews and Catholics, Episcopalians and Hindu, guess that where I’m going to end up is going to be filled with decent people. How can anyone who opposes slavery or equal rights follow this? Got to be for the “booty”.]

The Prophets 21: [In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, prophets, apostles and Jesus performed miracles. This opens with Mohammed reciting that he knows that the unbelievers have been saying that, well now, if Mohammed is from Allah, let him show us a sign, as did those apostles and prophets before him, of Allah’s might. Mohammed’s response is that the tales of Old Testament retribution that he’s recited over and over again, show Allah’s strength, so you’d better accept Mohammed or the retribution will be huge. Mohammed continues with Abraham and reaches into both the Old Testament and New to support his claim of apostle-hood, yet performs no miracle. More pages of Abraham, David, Solomon, Ishmael, Idris (Enoch), &c. Mary and Jesus, (21:91 “And of the woman who kept her chastity. We breathed into her of Our spirit, and made her and her son a sign to all men.”) Now, if Allah breathed His spirit into her, isn’t that a metaphor for conception? Isn’t that exactly how Garry Wills puts it in What the Gospels Meant? How’d Mohammed get that if Allah didn’t conceive Jesus as he claims so many times elsewhere and is this his reason for hating Christianity? And, if Mohammed can recite these things, how can he claim that there’ve been no apostles or knowledge of Moses and Jesus sent from the East for Arabia? 21:107 “We wrote in the Psalms (Psalm xxxvii, 29) after the Torah had been given: ‘The righteous among My servants shall inherit the earth.’ That is an admonition to those who serve Us.’ So, Arabia had been sent apostles from the East!]

The Bee 16: [Righteous and Evil, Allah created everything, and a bit about predestination, 16:37 “We raised an apostle in every nation, saying: ‘Serve Allah and avoid false gods.’ Amongst them were some whom Allah guided, and others destined to go astray. Roam the world and see what was the end of the disbelievers! So, the names of the apostles sent to Hind, Asia and Africa are … ? And, we’re back to free will around 16:65. Still, resurrection, doomsday and judgement are a constant theme, as in The Bible. A bit on atheists, 16:83 “They recognize the favours of Allah, yet they deny them. Truly, most of them are ungrateful.” In context Mohammed’s talking about the wonders of the Earth and Universe, and saying ‘how can anyone see this, and not believe?’ Pretty cogent argument for the 7th Century; my personal take on this deals with the laws of Physics and the Singularity; if the ball was in equilibrium, which is what is hypothesized by the physicists, and Newton’s laws, which pertain to the macro universe, require that things at rest stay at rest and things in motion stay in motion, what, aside from God, unbalanced the ball causing the ‘big bang’? Had to be God, there isn’t anybody else. (And this from me when I was an undergrad – Bill.) Back to predestination, 16:93 “Had Allah pleased, He would have united you into one nation. But He leaves in error whom He will and gives guidance to whom He pleases.” And back to Free Will, 16:94 “Do not take oaths to deceive each other, lest your foot should slip after being rightly guided, and lest evil should befall you for debarring others from the path of Allah: for then indeed you should incur a grievous punishment.” Apparently, Mohammed’s been caught at a ‘bait and switch’; 16:101 “When We change one verse for another (Allah knows best what He reveals), they say: ‘You (Mohammed) are an impostor.’ Indeed most of them are ignorant men.” Ok, we’re back to a claim of “we” and yet when caught in an ambiguity, Mohammed’s response is that only he can tell the what’s what of any verse at any time. Mighty self-serving, that, as is: 16:105 “None invents falsehoods save those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah: they alone are the liars.” And, the pork and canine ban: 16:115 “He has forbidden you carrion, blood, and the flesh of swine; also any flesh consecrated other than in the name of Allah. … “. So much for Kosher and Parvé, and Mohammed references these dietary laws at 16:118 with Judaism. And, we’re back to, 16:125 “If you punish, let your punishment be proportionate to the wrong that has been done you. But it shall be best for you to endure your wrongs with patience.” I can only assume that these kinds of passages have been interpreted as only as between believers, because Islam sure doesn’t apply this rule to the rest of us.]

The Spoils 8: [Warfare and the assumption of Godhead. 8:1 “They ask you about the spoils. Say: ‘The spoils (of the Battle of Badr, 624 A.D.) belong to Allah and the Apostle. Therefore have fear of Allah and end your disputes. Obey Allah and His apostle.’ And 8:5 “Your Lord bade you leave your home to fight for justice, but some of the faithful were reluctant. They argued with you about the truth that had been revealed, as though they were being led to certain death. ¶Allah promised to grant you victory over one of the two bands, but you wished to fight the one that was unarmed. (Mohammed’s plan was to attack an unarmed caravan belonging to the Quraysh of Mecca on its way from Syria to Mecca. An army of Meccans marched to its assistance. Some of the Muslims wished to attack the caravan, others the Meccan army. Mohammed’s forces, only 319 strong, routed the Meccans, who were nearly 1,000 in number.) He sought to fulfil His promise and to annihilate the unbelievers, so that Truth should triumph and falsehood be discomfited, though the wrongdoers wished otherwise.” Should I comment, or leave it for the reader to figure out? Kind of obvious, isn’t it? And

Q’Ran 8:12-15 “Allah revealed His will to the angels, saying: ‘I shall be with you. Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb!’
Thus We punished them because they defied Allah and His apostle. He that defies Allah and His apostle shall be sternly punished. We said to them: ‘Feel Our scourge. Hell-fire awaits the unbelievers.’”

[There it is, “Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb!” So much for the peace of Islam; and this is Islam’s promise to every Infidel, meaning me and mine – what about you and yours? Think that this is what they want to do to you, or do you believe Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to do “something” about this? Bush certainly hasn’t been very successful, has he? (Time for you to go order, The Heartland Plan, isn’t it?) I wonder why the morons in the media never ask about this passage when “interviewing” Islamic spokesmen? Could it be that the idiots in the media have never read the Q’Ran? Since most have never read the U.S. Constitution or The Federalist or The Anti-Federalist or, for that matter, The Bible, why does this supposition bother me? Could it be that those in control of the media are arrogantly ignorant, or are they self-serving egocentrics? Probably both. More religious stuff about guarding oneself against temptation &c. Here’s an interesting point, and probably why Arafat’s estate, considering the guy never had a real job, exceeded $25,000,000,000: 8:40 “Know that to Allah, the Apostle, the Apostle’s kinsfolk, the orphans, the needy, and the wayfarers, shall belong one fifth of your spoils: if you truly believe in Allah and what We revealed to Our servant on the day of victory, the day when the two armies met. Allah has power over all things.” I wonder how much of a cut Mohammed kept in distributing to the orphans and needy. Wonder if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had this in mind when they insisted that they be the ones to distribute Katrina Hurricane Relief? Same of Pharaoh, &c., ah, militant Islam: 8:64 “Prophet, Allah is your strength and the faithful who follow you. ¶ Prophet, rouse the faithful to arms. If there are twenty steadfast men among you, they shall vanquish two hundred; and if there are a hundred, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers, for they are devoid of understanding. …¶A prophet may not take captives until he has fought and triumphed in his land. You (Mohammed’s followers) seek the chance gain of this world, but Allah desires for you the world to come. He is mighty and wise. Had there not been a previous sanction from Allah, you would have been sternly punished for what you have taken. Enjoy, therefore, the good and lawful things which you have gained in war, and fear Allah. He is forgiving and merciful.” And those that haven’t come with their wealth and persons to join Mohammed’s army shall not be his friends. Captives may be open to the Faith, but beware of betrayers among them. So, I guess that when the Marines & Army Infantry kicked their butts in 1991 & 2003, we met an army of unbelievers, because no Arab has yet to show the ability to take on 20 to one and win, except against themselves, interesting, don’t know how suicide bombing of innocents fits in with this, nor bin Laden’s Fatwah against the U.S. and Western Europe. {And, I’ve read, The Legacy of Jihad, … , since, and can now say that it’s a must read.}]

Repentance 9: (This is the only chapter in the Koran which does not begin with the invocation ‘In the Name of Allah, etc.’ Traditional commentators regard it as a continuation of ‘The Spoils’.) [There can be no peace with Islam:]

9:3 Allah and His apostle are free from obligation to the idolaters. … Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers, except those idolaters who have honoured their treaties with you and aided none against you. With these keep faith, until their treaties have run their term. Allah loves the righteous.
When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and pay the alms-tax, let them go their way. Allah is forgiving and merciful. …
9:8 How can you trust them? If they prevail against you they will respect neither agreements nor ties of kindred. They flatter you with their tongues, but their hearts abhor you. Most of them are evil-doers.
They sell Allah’s revelations for trifling gain and debar others from His path. Evil is what they do. They break faith with the believers and set at nought all ties of kindred. Such are the transgressors.
If they repent and take to prayer and pay the alms-tax, they shall become your brothers in the faith. Thus We make plain Our revelations for men of understanding.
But if, after coming to terms with you, they break their oaths and revile your faith, make war on the leaders of unbelief – for no oaths are binding with them – so that they may desist.
Will you not fight against those who have broken their oaths and conspired to banish the apostle? …
Make war on them: Allah will chastise them through you and humble them. He will grant you victory over them and heal the spirit of the faithful. He will take away all anger from their hearts: He shows mercy to whom He pleases. He is wise and all-knowing.

[Much more, to get the full effect of Spoils 8 and Repentance 9, you’re going to have to get a copy of the Q’Ran and read it for yourself, because you won’t believe what’s in here unless you read it for yourself. Anyone who thinks that the Infidel can make peace with these people is a fool and endangers the rest of us and our future generations if they get into power. You’ve got to get a copy and read these two verses, actually only one, in their entirety because you simply won’t believe it unless you’ve read it for yourself. Islam has no interest in making peace with the rest of the world, none whatsoever.]

The Cow 2:1 “This Book is not to be doubted. It is a guide for the righteous, who have faith in the unseen and are steadfast in prayer; who bestow in charity a part of what We have given them; who trust what has been revealed to you (Mohammed) and to others before you, and firmly believe in the life to come. These are rightly guided by their Lord; these shall surely triumph.
As for the unbelievers, whether you forewarn them or not, they will not have faith. Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and a grievous punishment awaits them. …

[Back to the ambiguity of free will vs. predestination. More importantly from my perspective, is the opening line that one cannot question what is recited herein. The Cow continues in this vein then reaches back, once again, to Moses and the Old Testament for supporting proofs. The cow in the title is the golden calf of Exodus’ infamy. 2:61 is an anomaly of interest: 2/61 “Believers, Jews, Christians, and Sabæens – whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does what is right – shall be rewarded by their Lord; they have nothing to fear or to regret.” More Moses, apostles, scriptures and covenants and some anti-Semitism on a generic level. 2:113 “The Jews say the Christians are misguided, and the Christians say it is the Jews who are misguided. Yet they both read the Scriptures. And the pagans say the same of both. Allah will judge their disputes on the Day of Resurrection.”… 2:117 “They say: ‘Allah has begotten a son.’ Allah Forbid! His is what the heavens and the earth contain; all things are obedient to Him. Creator of the heavens and the earth! When he decrees a thing, He need only say ‘Be,’ and it is.” So much for Jesus’ God-head. More certain proofs of Mohammed’s validity by reaching into Old Testament Scripture for support, Abraham &c. and lots of ‘follow Allah or else’, there are sections of the old scripture being hidden from you, so the need for the Q’Ran and in your tongue and so you have your own apostle, the righteous are going to Paradise, the others not, Revelation, Resurrection and Judgement, plus rules of living, (no gambling, drinking, fornicating [although raping slaves is ok, apparently], &c., 2:233 mothers shall give suck for two whole years if that’s what the father wants, rules for divorce &c.) This is a very long verse, 32 pp in my copy, filled with rules for the righteous on how to live. Considering how divorce and how to treat one’s wife are in here, the libbers really need to see what Islam has in store for them; and pity the ‘sodomists’ amongst us, if this becomes universal. Hillary and O’Donnell need to read this, as well as Ann Coulter and all women.]

Women 4: 4:2 Give orphans the property which belongs to them. Do not exchange their valuables for worthless things or cheat them of their possessions; for this would surely be a great sin. If you fear that you cannot treat orphans (orphan girls) with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three, or four of them. But if you fear that you cannot maintain equality among them, marry one only or any slave-girls you may own. This will make it easier for you to avoid injustice.

[Basically, how to treat the weak, poor and women; one must be just and fair, but, 4:11 “A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” It’s a setting forth of laws of inheritance, trust and probate as well as dower rights. Also, 4:34 “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the others, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Allah is high, supreme.” Well, I guess that means that if I “fear disobedience” from them, I can beat them and send them to bed with no supper until I no longer “fear disobedience”; so much for the Bill of Rights and equality in an Islamic world. There’re more rules of behavior and talk of the Last Day and judgement, and these are some of the things that we will be judged on. I don’t see how there can be any separation of religion and state under these rules. 4:76 “The true believers fight for the cause of Allah, but the infidels fight for idols. Fight then against the friends of Satan, Satan’s cunning is weak indeed.”; who in their right mind can think that a long-term peace is possible with these people – only makes the solution to this problem a huge one, doesn’t it? … more rules, Resurrection 4:91 “Others you will find who seek security from you as well as from their own people. Whenever they are called back to idol-worship they plunge into it headlong. If these do not keep their distance from you, if they neither offer you peace nor cease their hostilities against you, lay hold of them and kill them wherever you find them. Over such men We give you absolute authority.”; yet earlier, we’re told that those who would mislead you, meaning all infidels, by their actions and words, are hostile to you, therefore, Islam has been given complete authority over all others and they are charged with killing them wherever we may be. E.g.: 4:100 “It is no offence for you to shorten your prayers when traveling the road if you fear that the unbelievers may attack you. The unbelievers are your sworn enemies.”(emphasis added by me); personally, I don’t remember swearing Islam my enemy, but based on what I’ve taken note of so far, Islam has chosen to be both everyone’s enemy and executioner.; and that section above that refers to ‘keeping their distance’, that’ got to include commerce, so, gee golly, all that oil money is ill-gotten, isn’t it? And doesn’t that also mean that they shouldn’t have any trade with us at all? Hmm. 4:104 “Seek out your enemies relentlessly. If you have suffered, they too have suffered: but you at least hope to receive from Allah what they cannot hope for.” Justification for 9/11 and all the other attacks around the world? 4:115 “He that disobeys the Apostle after Our guidance has been revealed to him and follows a path other than that of the faithful, shall be given what he has chosen. We will cast him into Hell: a dismal end.” ; Mohammed’s in charge or y’all are going to Hell, a dismal end. Hell better be a very big place, because it’s surely going to be overfull based on this work. 4:125 “And who has a nobler religion than the man who surrenders himself to Allah, does what is right, and follows the faith of saintly Abraham, whom Allah Himself chose to be His friend?”; yep, methinks Hell is going to be quite full, based on these guidelines. No tolerance here, is there? Women is another long passage that should properly be read in its entirety and in context, not because the message is unclear, but because unless you read it for yourself, you won’t believe it, and certainly won’t believe me.]

Divorce 65: [Rules for divorce.]

The Table 5: [Rules and the Israelites and Christians are cursed; The Prophet’s in charge; some of Moses, Cain & Abel; 5:33 “Those that make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorders in the land shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the country.”; more rules and punishments, 5:38 “As for the man or woman who is guilty of theft, cut off their hands to punish them for their crimes. That is the punishment enjoined by Allah.”; so much for the Bill of Rights and the ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ clause. If Allah decrees it, is it cruel and unusual? Even the Mafia and the Cartels better pay attention if this book becomes law. 5:45 In the Torah We decreed for them a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and a wound for a wound. But if a man charitably forbears from retaliation, his remission shall atone for him. Transgressors are those that do not judge in accordance with Allah’s revelations.”; so much for the U.S. Constitution and that of any other country that doesn’t follow these laws, eh? O’Reilly should like this section, he’d get to condemn every single judge in the country who doesn’t order a child molester to get the same that he dished out, including the multiple rape response. The Table is another long passage that should be read in its entirety, if only to find out what crime gets what punishment.]

The Unbelievers 109: Say: ’Unbelievers, I do not serve what you worship, nor do you serve what I worship. I shall never serve what you worship, nor will you ever serve what I worship. You have your own religion, and I have mine.’

[Unbelievers in its entirety; pretty much precludes conversion and free will, doesn’t it? As well as makes plain that the only good infidel is a dead or enslaved one. Although:]

Help 110: When Allah’s help and victory come, and you see men embrace His faith in multitudes, give glory to your Lord and seek His pardon. He is ever disposed to mercy.

[And, we’re back to free will and honest conversion. How does this jibe with 9/11? Those people weren’t given an opportunity to sincerely convert, how do they justify that?]

Pilgrimage 22: [Good & Evil, &c. 22:16 “We have revealed the Koran in clear verses.” Hmm, not that I can tell and I do believe that there’s a verse up above where Mohammed says that only those whom Allah chooses can understand, somewhere back by Spoils as well as in The Imrans 3 which states 3:5 “It is He who has revealed to you the Koran. Some of its verses are precise in meaning – they are the foundation of the Book – and others ambiguous.” Allah will judge on the Day of Resurrection, &c. at 22:40 war is justified against all those who attack you, drive you from your homes, &c. and back to Noah and scripture for justification.]

The Imrans 3: 3:5 “It is He who has revealed to you the Koran. Some of its verses are precise in meaning – they are the foundation of the Book – and others ambiguous. Those whose hearts are infected with disbelief follow the ambiguous part, so as to create dissension by seeking to explain it. But no one knows its meaning except Allah.”

[So how can anyone follow all these people who claim to
correctly interpret the Koran? By definition, anyone who interprets this book for you, is misguiding you. So much for bin Laden and his ilk! Men are tempted, good and evil, 3:20 “To those who have received the Scriptures and to the Gentiles say: ‘Will you surrender yourselves to Allah?’ If they become Muslims they shall be rightly guided; if they give no heed, then your only duty is to warn them.” Back to free will and the implication that it’s ok to war on a people and then to ask your captives if they will convert – this because when 3:20 is taken in historical context, it is given immediately after the Battle of Badr and in context of what do we do with the prisoners. 3:28 “Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful – he that does this has nothing to hope for from Allah – except in self defence.” So, it’s ok to lie to and deceive an infidel, because it’s being done in self-defense. More Noah, Abraham, Mary & Jesus, and 3:67 “Abraham was neither Jew nor Christian. He was an upright man, one who had surrendered himself to Allah.” Condemnations of People of the Book, Revelation, Resurrection and the wisdom of the Koran over all else. 3:110 “You are the noblest nation that has ever been raised up for mankind. You enjoin justice and forbid evil. You believe in Allah. ¶Had the People of the Book accepted Islam, it would have surely been better for them. Few of them are true believers, and most of them are evil-doers.” This is the relationship back to the definition of evil-doers and how Islam is free to destroy them, behead and have absolute authority over them, if you’ve been paying attention to the earlier passages; more for the literate amongst us: 3:118 “Believers, do not make friends with any men other than your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say, but more violent is the hatred which their breast conceal.” More rules on how to live together, rules on usury &c. 3:140 “If you have suffered a defeat, so did the enemy. We alternate these vicissitudes among mankind so that Allah may know the true believers and choose martyrs from among you (He does not love the evil-doers); and that He may test the faithful and annihilate the infidels.” Does it really get any clearer than this? Peace with these people is not possible. This is another long passage that should be read by the individual in order to get true understanding of this “peaceful” religion. You won’t believe me, read it for yourself.]

Cattle 6: [Another long passage with nothing significantly different than that which has gone before.]

Prohibition 66: [Last verse in my copy. One of Mohammed’s wives told a secret that she knew of him, he found out. One shouldn’t spill secrets and it’s ok to divorce her if she does because you will be rewarded with good, obedient women, both widows and virgins. Believers who sin should repent and turn to Allah for forgiveness, which He may grant.]


My notes include various conclusions and hypotheses on religion. After editing the above to what it now is, I’ve decided to withhold them; I do not want to influence you toward my biases; I want you to go buy a copy of the Koran and decide for yourself. Feel free to use these notes as you read the appropriate verses. This is NOT a peaceful religion and I can find no place where they will keep their word with us. And, in the end, consider this: All Muslim clerics are co-equal, anyone of them may issue a Fatwah declaring that terrorisim is not an acceptable means for carrying out Jihad, or for that matter condemning much of the Islamic violence directed everywhere including against each other, yet not one has, does, or will even contemplate such an obvious blaspheme against Allah’s Word as revealed by the pedophile, MOHAMMED.

Ain’t no such thing as a moderate MUSLIM!


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