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May 4, 2015

Butler Pennsylvania Second Amendment Rally Speech

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Well said. And, if the citizens of Baltimore had been allowed their 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, the looting and rioting would have been much less if not non-existent. During the Ferguson Riots, a former LEO and USMC buddy, noted that those store owners who went to their stores armed, did not get looted or burned. Several of the Korean store owners, simply made sure that the looters saw them on the roof top of their stores, and on the street in front of their windows. Those stores were passed by whereas the QuikTrip and the locally owned by minority stores were destroyed.

The 2nd Amendment, not only a God given Constitutional Right, but a survival necessity in the XXIst Century!

American Founding Principles

Thank you Rich, thank you Mayor Donaldson. Good citizens of Butler County and of the great State of Pennsylvania, thank you for coming out on a cold Saturday morning to support your right to bear arms.

I find it ironic that we have to come out to support our right to bear arms because firearms have been pervasive in our society since before we became a self governing, free, and independent nation. As a matter of fact, we would not have become the self governing, free, and independent nation when we did had it not been for a well armed population.

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