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May 6, 2015

Protestors: Y’all are now “On Notice”

Protestors: Y’all are now “On Notice”
Posted: 6 May 2015

Not too long ago, a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state employee stood in front of a polling place, cudgel in hand, cursing Whites, declaring that Blacks must rise up and kill all White babies or they will “kill us,” and Holder & Obama, and now Lynch, have declared that this is Free Speech pursuant to the 1st Amendment. Now, as a matter of law, since this man was a state employee, killing White babies and White Genocide, by virtue of the legal concept, “under color of law”, are now the official policies of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The concept of “under color of law” was used to allow the deep pockets of state governments to be invaded by Civil Rights Activists when county sheriffs or municipal police departments sicced dogs or cudgeled protestors back in the day when discrimination was considered unacceptable.

The very idea that a private citizen should not be allowed to hire a private venue to hold an artistic contest under protection of the 1st Amendment, and should be held accountable for the acts of terrorists, is, to say the very least, confusing. The cowardly idea that we should be silent because, in the case of Islam, whatever point we want to make will lead to a violent confrontation is an indictment of those who propose it as to cowardice.

Speaking the truth is more important than this absurd posturing that, ‘well, if it may lead to violence, you must remain silent or be accountable for the result’. If this position be acceptable to Americans, then we Americans would not be. The Founders of this Nation knew by 1772 that their continued demands for the Rights of Englishmen were leading to a violent confrontation.

Here is an unpleasant truth: Mohammed was a pedophile. He liked and married seven-year-old girls.

Here is another unpleasant truth: there are over 109 verses in the Qur’An calling for violence, beheading, lying to infidels, slavery, rape of slaves, that all Christians and Jews are the sworn enemies of Islam, and a calling to arms against all unbelievers. (List available at: http://www.justplainbill.wordpress.com.)

Here is another unpleasant truth: there is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is the same. There are two proofs. The first Proof is that there has never been a Reformation since the original recital. The second proof is that any Muslim Cleric may declare a Fatwah applying to all 1.4 Billion Muslims at any time, effective immediately, to end all violence, yet none have been issued.

The people in Texas have an indisputable, irrevocable 1st Amendment Right, to hold a private, non-violent, artistic contest in a private venue on any subject so chosen, the same as those who promoted the Mapplethorpe Exhibit, where defecating on the American Flag, and using the American Flag as a floor mat, were considered Free Speech, even though there was considerable, albeit restrained, counter-protest.

If the anti-Texas posturing were acceptable, then from now own, as shown by the recent college student flag defiling causing a violent reaction by a veteran, all flag defilers are on notice that they will be held personally responsible for all subsequent violence.

Therefore, from now on, all protestors are on notice, that if there is any violent counter to whatever it is that they are protesting, the violence and destruction therefrom is the legal liability of the initial protestors.


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